7 Ways To Use Your New SlumberPod: Updated for 2022!

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Jan 5, 2020

Our friends Katy & Lou of SlumberPod had been on our Podcast 3 times (!!!) chatting about how the SlumberPod helps babies sleep long before their SharkTank debut back in early 2020!




Katy & Lou created a portable privacy pod out of sleep deprivation while on vacation. The one-of-a-kind pod folds flat for daytime storage if needed, collapses completely to fit inside your own suitcase, and gives your child a 100% blackout space to sleep well all night!

Is SlumberPod Worth The Price?


SlumberPod is the only one of its kind. It gives your child a 100% blackout space that is breathable (multiple safety checks have been performed) and most importantly as they grow…they can stand up in it! It’s also outfitted with a monitor pocket, a skirt around the bottom to allow for optimal darkness, and multiple vent panels that can be rolled up if you prefer.

Yes, the SlumberPod is not cheap. But you wouldn’t want it to be!

In fact, the SlumberPod can be used as long as your child can sleep on a travel cot or travel inflatable child’s sized mattress!

This means you’ll be getting 3-5 years of use from the SlumberPod vs. a few months, which means not only is SlumberPod well worth the price, but it will pay for itself several times over both in trips that aren’t cut short by fussy babies and in quiet nights at home!

Discount Code For SlumberPod

Ready to grab yours?! Use code LITTLEZSLEEP at checkout to save $20!

As Lou says, you’ll soon be on your way to more nighty-nights! 

Check out Becca’s review of the new SlumberPod 2.0!



7 Ways To Use The SlumberPod

Since connecting with Katy & Lou in 2018, there are many occasions I’ve recommended the SlumberPod to families in all different situations.

  1. Room Sharing: If you’re in a small home or simply want to room share with your child as they grow, the SlumberPod makes it much less stressful! Your child can fall asleep in their blackout pod while you have your bedside light on to read and relax, and they’ll never know!

  2. Keeping At The Grandparents: Most grandparents aren’t keen on installing super blackout curtains OR would be darned if you put their grandbaby in a closet (my other go-to!). Many clients have had huge success bringing a SlumberPod and the pack n play to Grandma’s house so baby can still have a wonderful nap time, and be happy and ready to enjoy play when they wake!

  3. Bringing To A Playdate: So you have older kiddos who are dying to get out of the house! Great! Bring the SlumberPod + Pack N Play and you could actually enjoy the playdate with your friends, and kids can have fun too! It’s a triple win!

  4. Crib Climbing Toddlers: Until age 3, children really cannot understand the open bed concept. You’ll save your sanity if you just get your acrobatic toddler into a pack n play (try Joovy, Lotus or 4MOMS for taller kids) + SlumberPod to keep them contained AND maintain the whole family’s sleep!!

  5. Traveling Anywhere! Headed to the lake for the weekend? Flying to a foreign country? Staying at a hotel for a few nights? Wherever your child goes, there goes the SlumberPod! It fits neatly into a carry-on or suitcase and is ready to pop up when you arrive at your destination! (Heck, I’ve even seen people use it IN the airport during long layovers!!!)

  6. Anywhere that’s not dark enough: Last year I worked with a family of 4 kiddos who had a loft space for their baby. It worked fine, until it was nap time. Which was 3 times a day! Since it was open to the rest of the house I suggested Mom get a SlumberPod for baby, and BOOM…naps were great! 

  7. Twins: While room sharing at night isn’t a big deal for twins, I do recommend separation for naps with multiples. Why? Because sleep cycles are very different kid to kid, and naps are just harder than nights! If you don’t have a big enough closet or bathroom to put a pack n play up, grab another spare room in the house and set up the pack n play + SlumberPod!

If you’ve used the SlumberPod in any other ways, tell (or show!) us in the comments! 


Not sure how your little one will adapt to the SlumberPod? Check out Becca’s tips for introducing your child to their new “Sleep Tent!”

SlumberPod Customer Service + FAQs

As if the product could get any better, Katy Mallory, Lou Childs and their team at SlumberPod are literally the best! You’ll find them going above and beyond for their customers (including Uber-ing a SlumberPod across Atlanta!) Don’t hesitate to reach out to contact@slumberpod.com if you need anything! Also check out their FAQs for SlumberPod exact sizing and a list of Pack N Plays/Cots/Mini-Cribs that fit within the pod!




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