Episode #38: This Genius Invention Will Save Your Vacation!


Nov 19, 2018

Leaving home with baby is hard enough, and I know you basically feel like you’re moving in when you get there! But of all the things you pack on vacation, THIS is the one you won’t want to forget!

On today’s Podcast Becca is talking with Katy Mallory of SlumberPod- a portable privacy, blackout tent to go ontop of baby’s pack n play!!

Katy shares how SlumberPod came about after traveling with her daughter, who normally slept all night! But we’ve all been there- a baby who sleeps well at home, doesn’t always translate to a baby sleeping on vacation! Katy and her family left their vacation early to come back home after everyone felt weary and exhausted! She knew something had to change. So, she and her mom (Lou) invented SlumberPod!!

The SlumberPod can be used wherever you need to room share with your baby- allowing you to stop hanging out in the bathroom while you wait for baby to fall asleep!! (Been there!)

Sounds great, right?! You’re going to need this!!

GET YOUR SLUMBERPOD HERE and use code LITTLEZSLEEP to save 5% off yours!

*Best part??! 2-3 day shipping ensures you could have this for Thanksgiving travels! Simply ship it to your destination!*

SLUMBERPOD® is a quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies/toddlers get a good night’s sleep — especially important when sharing a room with others (e.g., hotel room). It completely encloses a playard (travel crib) and is:

  • Dark inside – creating an optimum sleep environment

  • Safe – passes applicable consumer product safety tests

  • Bottomless (designed to enclose a standard sized travel crib or playard – sold separately)

  • Lightweight and compact (fits inside carry-on luggage) – includes travel bag

  • Quick and easy to set up and disassemble

  • Made of breathable fabric

  • Outfitted with ventilation windows


About Katy…

As the oldest of 12 children (a modern family
tree with many branches), mom to three children
and with a deep babysitting history — Katy has a
great deal of experience with kids and organized
chaos. Professionally, Katy has worked for more
than a decade in corporate communications and
sales operations.

Katy lives with her husband, three young
daughters and dog in Decatur, Georgia (an intown
suburb of Atlanta).



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