What Is Secure Attachment?

All Ages

Jan 9, 2021

What does “secure attachment” mean in the parenting world? Likely you’re feeling overwhelmed from words thrown around on social media and parenting circles! If you were to ask “would you like to have a secure attachment to your child” you would respond with a resounding, “YES!!”

Attachment Parenting and Secure Attachment are two VERY different terms. However, they can be easily confused- especially in the sleep world.

Which is why I’ve asked Drs. Jenna Elgin and Shanna Alvarez  of Helping Families Thrive to join me on the podcast to bring clarity to these terms.


  • Being able to confidently observe your environment and be able to return and check-in with the parent base
  • Learning independence and being confident without being physically connected to a parent


  • Philosophy coined by Dr. William Sears in the 1980s
  • Parents build a strong attachment through a certain list of behaviors


  • The strange situation assessment is 9-18 mo (it was said 6-12) and the city was Baltimore (not Chicago)

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