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Welcome to the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast! Join Becca Campbell, Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant, as we dive weekly into establishing healthy sleep habits.

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Why hire a Sleep Consultant? Google, books and blogs cannot talk back to you. Having someone hold your hand through the sleep training process is invaluable.

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“Our only regret about calling Becca is that we didnt call sooner. We endured 13 months of interrupted sleep and frustration, it was affecting every aspect of our lives. Becca initiated a sleep plan and had our son sleeping through the night in the first couple of days! With Becca’s guidance we were able take our lives back.” Jamie Bundy

“Working with Becca has been wonderful for our family! Before, our daughter was waking up multiple times a night. We relied on me feeding, rocking and putting her to sleep BEFORE putting her in her crib, which would often times wake her up and we would start the process all over again. Now, our daughter sleeps 12 hours through the night without waking up and we can put her down completely awake and she puts herself to sleep.” Lindsey Jensen