Attention Parents: Your Baby is Capable of Sleeping 12 Hours a Night

You, your child, and your family deserve the gift of sleep and health.  I would love to guide you on how to make sleep happen.


Sleep Solutions for Babies and Children


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We are now all well rested!

My son was waking up 3 times a night at 11 months old. Within 10 days he has been sleeping in his own bed for 12 hours. We are so very thankful for her because with all of his medical problems we thought that we needed to be waking him up. We are now rested (all of us!) and couldn’t be happier!
-Brittany Elliser (11 month old son)

Free evenings!

Susan now sleeps a full 12 hours every night thanks to Becca! Had I known it would be this easy, I would have done it months ago. It’s so nice to have my evenings back!

-Leah Barbato (13 month old daughter)

She gives all the tools you need

After 10 months of trying just about everything to get my son to sleep better, my wife and I found Rebecca. Two days after we met with her my son was sleeping throughout the night. I never thought it would happen and I certainly didn’t think it would happen that quick. Rebecca gives you all the tools you need for your child to become a better sleeper.
-Matt Bouderaux (10 month old son)

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