Did you know you can begin great sleep habits on first day of life! In fact, by implementing my Newborn Course strategies many parents have babies who naturally sleep through the night…when they are ready!

By purchasing this Newborn Course you’ll get unlimited access to this online resource (perfect for new and expecting moms) to establish healthy sleep habits for baby from the start. Everything you need is online in an easy to learn format, downloadable content, and interactive guidebook all taught by Becca in pre-recorded video modules.  


Session I: The Mom

Expecting Mom: Nursery Set Up Guide & Final Preparations
Joyful Mom: Birth Story Journal & Post Part Depression
Supported Mom: How to Help Checklist
Healthy Mom: Nutrition & Self-Care, plus recipes for milk production and energy!

Session 2: The Home

Dad: Tasks for Dad & Bonding Strategies
Communication & Jobs for Big Brother/Sister
Family Members: How To Create Boundaries & How To Help!
The Nursery: Top Four Essentials, Nursery Checklist, Registry Guide

Session 3: The Process

Bedtime Routine:
When To Begin & What To Do
Night Wakings: How to Handle & When To Feed
Daytime Routines: Starting The Day & Awake Times
Naps: Where & When, How To Handle Short Naps, Daycare Naps & On-The-Go

Session 4: The Baby

The Fourth Trimester: Baby's Developments & The 5 S's
Busting Myths: What You Hear From Others, The Truth!
What's Next? How To Get Support & Next Steps in Sleep


Hey! I’m Becca! From Day 1 of bringing my oldest home from the hospital I felt totally clueless, helpless and frustrated. Every day I was Googling for "How to get my baby on a schedule" and trying to figure out why my baby girl was crying for hours a day! I didn't realize then, but I was totally missing the routines and foundations to help her from the start of life. Fast forward 18 months later I was then a Sleep Consultant, and had worked with many families to develop newborn sleep foundations. When our second daughter came along, I knew exactly what to do! The relief and confidence I felt was vastly different from my previously helpless state. I was so empowered to teach her how to sleep, that I didn't need to formally sleep train her. She knew what to do from the start, and began sleeping 12 hours on her own...when she was ready! Through the Newborn Sleep Course I will be sharing the exact strategies and techniques I’ve used with families all over the world to build your confidence in baby’s sleep!



“I needed someone to tell me what to do! The Online Newborn Course helped our first month of parenthood include a lot less sleep deprivation and a lot more sweet, enjoyable moments!” -Sam (North Carolina)

“I watched Becca's Newborn Course before my little man came. I was nervous about adding a 3rd kid to the mix of pretty established schedules. From Day One I've followed her advice (and enjoyed spontaneous snuggles) and we found our groove so much earlier than we would have without her. If you're pregnant or hoping to be one day... don't wait! Watch it now!” -Emma (Virginia)

“Thank you, Becca! I think I can now safely say we are ready for our little one to enter the world. Becca has bought me so much peace of mind on how to embrace the first three months. I am grateful for the guidance she gave us on what 'props' we need and what we simply don't. She is magic!” -Charne (Hong Kong)