How to Introduce The SlumberPod to Your Child

4-16 months

Apr 27, 2021

Here at Little Z’s, we love everything about the SlumberPod. This portable privacy pod can be used from 4 months of age all the way to the preschool years!

How to use the SlumberPod | Little Z Sleep

It’s perfect for hotels, room sharing, RVs, rental houses and so much more. In fact, we’ve previously shared 7 ways to use your SlumberPod. So what exactly is the Slumberpod?

Created as a portable privacy pod out of sleep deprivation while on vacation, the one-of-a-kind pod folds flat for daytime storage if needed, collapses completely to fit inside your own suitcase, and gives your child a 100% blackout space to sleep well all night!

The Slumberpod is essentially a self-contained blackout pod that fits over your infant’s play yard or Pack-n-Play. While designed to be used while traveling, many of my clients use the Slumberpod while room sharing with siblings, parents, and twins.How to use the SlumberPod | Little Z Sleep

While your infant will likely transition to a Slumberpod without issues, if you have a toddler who has never used the SlumberPod before, you may be wondering how to best introduce this to your child. We’ve got you! 

How to transition to a Slumberpod with Inviting Play

  • Invite your child to help you open the package, look at the pictures on the box, and explain that this will be your new “sleeping tent” 
  • As you set up the SlumberPod, ask your child if they would like to help hold poles or put it together. This may take more time than usual for set up, but it’s nice to get them acclimated to the product
  • After setting up your SlumberPod, play inside!! Crawl in and out and even sit with your child inside with a blanket and pillow, pretending to sleep!
  • Have fun with a flashlight and pretend play camping
  • Ask your child if they would like to get their stuffed animal buddies and show them this new sleeping tent
  • If the child is enjoying it, consider bringing it to their room for a nap or bedtime! Feel free to try it out before you take it on the go.

Headed on a vacation soon or need a solution fast? Here are my tips for transitioning to the Slumberpod cold turkey.

How to transition to a SlumberPod Cold Turkey

Many parents told us that they simply opened it up for the first time when they got to a hotel and used it right away! This may work for many kiddos. Here are some considerations:

  • Take a little tour around the hotel room. Show your child where everyone will be sleeping, and then explain that they will be sleeping in a special tent! 
  • Open up the SlumberPod and invite your child to help set it up! 
  • Go through the same bedtime routine in the hotel and then place them in their cot within the SlumberPod for the night.
  • If your child is a little unsure, you can absolutely leave some of the windows open and then zip them up when they fall asleep.
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If you are interested in purchasing The Slumberpod, use code LITTLEZSLEEP at checkout to save 5%!

Sweet dreams. See you next time.

Becca Campbell
Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant


How to use the SlumberPod | Little Z Sleep

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