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Jan 22, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just 3 weeks away, it’s time to talk about how to have a night out! If you’ve been a part of any of my programs you know I make a girls night out, date night or “just because” day to hire a babysitter a top priority! Why? Because you’re not just a mom. You’re a friend, a wife, a partner, you’re YOU!!! It’s important for our own mental health and relationship health that we take breaks and enjoy a night out. 

Not only is it possible to enjoy a night out, but it’s also *easy* to do when your child knows the drill! 

This year Valentine’s is on a Friday (🙌), so I’m walking you through 3 different situations, one of which might fit your desires!

  1. Enjoying a date night out without kids
  2. Staying late at a friend’s house 
  3. Going out to dinner with the kids

Let’s celebrate your great sleeper and make a PLAN for bending the rules to enjoy a night out!


First of all, get a babysitter who you are confident will do what you ask!! Share with them in great detail how you do your bedtime routine and specifically share how baby can fall asleep independently.


There is so much freedom knowing your child will simply do the bedtime routine, and get them into bed.

Recently we had a babysitter put our girls (3 & 5 years) to bed and when we got home she said, “It was like magic! The clock turned red, I left the room and they just went to sleep! I was expecting them to get up and come out of their room. They didn’t!! They just went to sleep!” << To which I replied… “You know this is my job, right?” 😂

When the girls were younger I preferred to do bedtime routine myself and live a double life. Chad and I would do bedtime routine with the girls like normal, say goodnight and then hand the monitor off to a babysitter! Our girls never had a clue and slept peacefully the whole time! Easiest babysitting gig in town.

It’s so freeing that we can enjoy a date night out without having to worry about anyone calling and asking us to come home quickly so we can rock the baby back to sleep. It’s so amazing! Freedom really does come after your sleep training consistency. 


If you’ve been invited over for dinner with friends or family, it IS possible to stay late and enjoy the evening with everyone! No more having to dine + dash!

This strategy works best if you have just one child who is a baby or young toddler. 

Before you go, ask the friends or family members if you can bring a pack ‘n play to set up in a quiet, dark space. Maybe a closet? Guest room? A room where you can set up the SlumberPod? I bet they’ll say yes! So when you’re at their home for dinner, simply slip away for bedtime routine! Do a sink bath or a wipe down, offer a feed for baby, put on PJs, read a quick book, say goodnight and lay down in the pack n play. Leave the room, and viola!! Baby goes to sleep! Pretty wonderful party trick! 

Now, whenever you’re ready to leave (hours later) simply go into the room and pick up your baby. Stick them in the carseat and drive home! When you arrive home pick them up, go into their room, say goodnight again, and they’ll go to sleep again!! 

Sure, they may wake between this- but it was just a little interruption! Not a big deal, and you got to enjoy an evening with friends!! And baby slept!! Cheers!!

**hint-hint-wink-wink: tell your friends all about Little Z’s Sleep when your baby goes to bed so easily 😉**


Can’t find a sitter and want to turn Valentine’s Day into a family affair? No problem! There are definitely times where you can take your kid out and go and enjoy these dinners together, and you might get home 30 minutes after bedtime! Here’s what I want you to do:

Skip the whole bedtime routine. Just do the essentials! 

Get home, wipe them down, put on PJs, offer a feed, turn the lights off and get them down for bed!

Have an older child who can communicate with you? Use my favorite phrase with them:

”Tonight we’re going to be a little flexible!” 

On times or on nights where we have people over or we’re going out, and we’re not going to put them to bed right on the time I will tell the girls, “Hey, you know what, tonight’s going to be a little bit flexible. We are going to get in the car and go to a to restaurant. We’ll order food, talk and eat together and it’s going to be a lot of fun!! And then we’re going to come home and it’s going to be after your bedtime. So we are going to skip bath, and just brush our teeth, and put our PJs on, and we might even skip the book (because we had such a good time at the restaurant). It will be late and you’ll be tired! We’ll get into bed and go straight to sleep.” 

And you know what? They love these flexible nights! They understand why we skip their two favorite parts, bath and book. And times when life happens and I don’t plan on it being a late night, they know the “flexible” routine!

Most of all, when your baby knows how to sleep, I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re in a bedtime jail. You cannot be bound to rules 24/7 and you absolutely cannot stress yourself out about sleep. If you are feeling defeated every night, like bedtime is a battle and the idea of hiring a babysitter is unbelievable, I want to help you take the next step. For a limited time, you can use code LOVESLEEP to save $10 on any Sleep Program!

If you are planning on getting a night out soon, I want to make sure that you are celebrating and enjoying all of the hard work that you have helped your child learn. USE the babysitter checklist and tag on me @littlezsleep on Instagram to share!!

Go enjoy bending the rules, ya’ll!! 

Sweet Dreams,


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