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Oct 29, 2020

I love the SlumberPod! It is a great tool for my clients while traveling to protect their child’s sleep. In this article, I’m reviewing all the new features of the latest SlumberPod model. This tool is a game-changer to helping your child sleep while you are away from home. Plus, they are giving my readers a 5% off discount code for your SlumberPod!

How I learned about the SlumberPod 

In 2018, I got an email from a client about a new product. It was called the SlumberPod. As soon as I saw how it operates, I knew this was a genius idea. 

Even though we were done using Pack ‘N Plays with our daughters, I really wish I could have rewinded time and used the SlumberPod from the beginning. Once I was connected to Katy and Lou in 2018, the creators of SlumberPod, I have since hosted them multiple times on the Little Z’s Sleep podcast. 

They are genuinely excited to help you go on vacation and keep your baby asleep. So, in this video, I want to share with you the NEW SlumberPod.

The SlumberPod is a portable privacy pod for your child to sleep in a completely dark space that conveniently collapses and folds into your suitcase.

It is phenomenal!

The NEW SlumberPod Features

This is such a great deal and a great way to make sure that you can keep ‘sleep a thing’ no matter where you go.

The SlumberPod is a bottomless, completely enclosed, portable privacy pod.

You slip it over things like Pack ‘N Plays, mini-cribs, travel-size cribs, and travel gear that are smaller than your standard crib size. You can also slip the SlumberPod over the Regalo travel cot blow-up toddler mattress, too!

One of the best things about the SlumberPod is how compact it is. It fits securely inside of your carry-on and is perfect for airline flight travel (without paying for pesky baggage fees!). 

Safety Features of the SlumberPod

You may be wondering about the safety of this product. SlumberPod is designed with kids’ safety in mind. It passes all applicable consumer product safety tests for baby products, and it was also assessed for CO2 rebreathing by an independent lab and their appointed physician, so you can be sure that your child is safe and can sleep well inside of the SlumberPod. 

One of the newest features that I know so many of y’all are excited about is the SlumberPod fan. While fully enclosing your child’s sleep space, the fan adds an extra layer of ventilation with a specially designed mesh pouch within the Slumberpod! The fan’s noise doubles as a white noise. If you already own an older model of SlumberPod, you can purchase a fan kit to add to your current model. 

For additional airflow, there are two more ventilation pouches that are designed to increase the air flow, but it still remains dark inside the SlumberPod.

While there is plenty of ventilation, it is still important to dress your child appropriately for the season and room temperature (you can read more about dressing your child for winter here!). Additionally, while the SlumberPod is great for RV travel, it is only designed for indoor use and not an appropriate fit for camping. 


How to use the SlumberPod with Your Monitor and Toddler Clock

The SlumberPod also includes a clear, vinyl pouch for your baby’s monitor that also allows you to peek into the SlumberPod and see if your child is safe and sleeping.

Another question I am often asked from toddler parents is how to use a toddler clock with the SlumberPod. My recommendation is to leave the main zipper cracked so they can see the clock, or depending on the size of the travel cot, you might be able to fit the toddler clock inside since the SlumberPod is not attached (one of my favorite features!). 


Is it only for travel? Can I use the SlumberPod in my child’s nursery?

I am frequently asked if I can use the SlumberPod not just during travel, but all the time? The answer is yes! In fact, we recently hosted a team retreat here, and one of our members used the SlumberPod for her 10-month-old baby. He slept over 12 hours and she joked about setting it up permanently at her house. This could be a great solution if you are room-sharing with a baby and a toddler too. It’s not a problem at all. 

Questions about the SlumberPod?

If you have any questions about the SlumberPod about whether it is right for you or will work with your current travel cot, SlumberPod has helpful FAQ’s listed on their website. 

If you are interested in purchasing The Slumberpod, use code LITTLEZSLEEP at checkout to save 5%!

Never worry about your child’s sleep and travel again! Safe travels and sweet dreams! 

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