Episode 103: Sleep Training Strategies For Twins

4-16 months

Apr 16, 2020

I’m asked on a weekly basis if sleep training twins is different than sleep training singletons. It’s really not that different, but then again…I don’t have twins myself!! So I’ve invited Julie Smith on the Podcast to tell us about her journey with twins Jack & Charlie. Julie shares her story of trying to conceive for 14 of 17 years of marriage, IVF and the arrival of her twins! She takes us through the early newborn days and into the sleep training time when she and her husband started the 4-5 Month Baby Sleep E-Coaching Program.


When sleep training twins there are a few considerations we can take into their sleep program:

  1. If twins are room sharing, let’s keep them together for night sleep but separate for naps.
  2. Naps are the hardest part of sleep training, so being able to have separate space for twins who could easily wake the other up saves a lot of sanity! It doesn’t need to be a whole room either! Perhaps you have an extra closet to fit a pack-n-play or guest room + SlumberPod set up. I’ve often seen twins go from 20 minute naps to 1.5 hour naps just be separating their sleeping space! (Use code LITTLEZSLEEP to save 5%!)
  3. My ultimate goal for the parents is to create a similar schedule between the twins. No one has time for keeping up with separate feed and nap times! If Twin A wakes from a nap before Twin B, I would suggest allowing Twin B 15-30 minutes of extra sleep and then wake them up. This keeps the schedule more similar for everyone. When it’s time for the next nap, put Twin A down first and then Twin B.
  4. Having a quality white noise machine for twins is a must! The Dohm Classic has been a game changer for moms of multiples!
  5. If your twins arrived early, use their due date to determine their schedule needs. I’ve worked with many a 6 month old (5 month adjusted) who needed a 5 month nap schedule.

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