Sleep Training Twins Success

4-16 months

Jan 8, 2020

If you’re a mom of multiples looking to sleep train your twins, you may have a lot of questions! Do you separate twins to sleep train? Can they be in the same room? How do you handle the crying? Today we’re introducing a new January blog series on how families JUST LIKE YOU made sleep a thing in their home. And today- it’s all about twins!

Before we share the Kelly Family story, let’s address a few key points I share with clients who are sleep training twins:

  1. If twins are room sharing, let’s keep them together for night sleep but separate for naps.
  2. Naps are the hardest part of sleep training, so being able to have separate space for twins who could easily wake the other up saves a lot of sanity! It doesn’t need to be a whole room either! Perhaps you have an extra closet to fit a pack-n-play or guest room + SlumberPod set up. I’ve often seen twins go from 20 minute naps to 1.5 hour naps just be separating their sleeping space!
  3. My ultimate goal for the parents is to create a similar schedule between the twins. No one has time for keeping up with separate feed and nap times! If Twin A wakes from a nap before Twin B, I would suggest allowing Twin B 15-30 minutes of extra sleep and then wake them up. This keeps the schedule more similar for everyone. When it’s time for the next nap, put Twin A down first and then Twin B.
  4. Having a quality white noise machine for twins is a must! The Dohm Classic has been a game changer for moms of multiples!
  5. If your twins arrived early, use their due date to determine their schedule needs. I’ve worked with many a 6 month old (5 month adjusted) who needed a 5 month nap schedule.

We are so excited to share Nikki’s experience with our Newborn Sleep Course and Baby Sleep E-Coaching™ with her twin boys! Read along to learn more about her Little Z’s Sleep journey!

Our family used the Newborn Sleep Course and 4-5 Month Sleep E-Coaching™ Plan, and both were so easy to navigate and understand! I love that you can easily go back to any particular section for review or questions. We also appreciated having audio/video options, as well as having  it all written out in case we needed further details.

My husband and I both sat down together as we watched the sessions to be sure we were both on the same page. We were able to pause and discuss how it applied to our twin boys and our own lifestyle. I personally am an auditory and visual learner, so having the videos for the sessions was really helpful! 

We started the 4-5 Month E-Coaching™ around the same time the app came out, so that made it super easy to refer back to when we had questions about “what-if” scenarios, or needed clarifications on things! Everything was easy to understand and use! I also appreciate all the added material and downloads available within each session.

Daily emails were key! Such a brilliant idea!! I swear we’d go through the exact thing Becca was talking about on the exact days. They were lifesavers! It also helped being reassured that what the babies were experiencing through the process was completely normal. The Night 5 sleep regression accuracy blew my mind! I also loved that in the last daily email, we were given a heads up on how to transition to the upcoming 5 month “schedules.” Sometimes it can be really overwhelming to finish a course and then just feel like you’re left to the wolves, especially if things don’t go “perfectly.” I love that Becca will never leave you feeling alone!

Baby Sleep E-Coaching™ and The Newborn Course are straight-forward guides on how to help teach your baby(ies) to sleep! I emphasize straight-forward because when I started researching about baby sleep and following a number of instagram accounts focused on baby sleep, I found that I was “trying” so many different things, which was leaving me frustrated and feeling like a failure. I knew my Type A brain needed one plan of action. Little Z’s courses just really fit our personalities, our family and our lifestyle. I love that there really is no gray area. It’s pretty much, “babies need this amount of sleep, so let them sleep!” That being said though, I also love the grace and the encouragement to go live your life and not be enslaved to your own home! For me, Becca’s guidelines are the perfect blend of structure and freedom. You have the freedom to have some flexibility when necessary, especially when you have set a good, consistent sleep foundation. I would absolutely recommend it to others (and have)! You know it’s a solid program when you can get 4 month old twins to put themselves to sleep within minutes and sleep soundly for 12 hours straight! 🙂

These last 5 months with twin boys has been a whirlwind, to say the least! I am beyond grateful that I happened to stumble upon Little Z’s through a twin Facebook page around the time she released her podcast on sleep training twins. I want to say the stars aligned, but I believe the Lord put me in the right place at the right time! There is so. much. freedom in having good little sleepers. I can’t imagine juggling nap times and bedtime with two babies without a plan of action. As a partially remote employee, I am able to get my work done at home knowing my boys will take solid naps during the day and go down easily at 7pm. During my office hours, I don’t have to stress about my family members or babysitters putting them down to sleep. My husband and I have watched SEVERAL Hallmark Christmas movies now that we have about 3 hours at night together. We’re sleeping 7-8 hours at night! The boys are happy and healthy and growing! Our favorite thing to say when people ask “How are they sleeping” with fear in their eyes is, “GREAT!” 🙂 I think I could go on forever, but I will end with saying, “Thank you, Becca.” Thank you for following your calling. Thank you for being vulnerable and opening yourself up to help others. It really is a GAME. CHANGER!

Nikki, thank you for sharing your story and encouraging other families that SLEEP IS A THING!! We are so excited to continue sharing stories of success this month and can’t wait for you to have a well rested 2020!

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Sweet Dreams,
Becca Campbell
Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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