106: How The Alsop Family Does Bedtime Routine

All Ages

May 7, 2020

Throughout the year Little Z’s hosts families on my Instagram to show how THEY do their sleep routines and manage their families. On those days the viewership SKYYROCKETS and we know it’s because, as Michael Alsop says, you want to know “OH! Other people don’t do it exactly like Becca teaches!” No! Everyone takes their own spin on routines post-sleep training…and that’s the hope!! My goal is that families feel empowered with their new sleeper and can become flexible knowing they have the tools needed to keep their great sleeper.

 Learn how to start a bedtime routine for babies

Learn how to start a bedtime routine for toddlers

Today on the Podcast I’m kicking off a series of how OTHER families do bedtime routines. First up is Katelyn & Michael Alsop, parents to Everly (3) & Graham (1) and a baby boy James in heaven. On this episode Katelyn & Michael share their bedtime routine with me, as well as updates on sleep apnea for Evy, taking the pacifiers away for Graham and what they look forward to after the kids go down.

As wedding photographers, Katelyn and Michael average 8-10 weddings annually while teaching thousands of photographers through their online courses. They are passionate about traveling, home design, & spending time dreaming and brainstorming with their closest friends! Katelyn has recently launched a new podcast focused on what she’s learning as a wife, mother and friend along her journey. >>Listen to the Legacy Podcast

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Thank you, Alsop family for entrusting me with your sweet children’s sleep & joining me on the podcast today!

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