Celebrate Making Sleep A Thing!

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May 6, 2020

Raise your hand if you are sleep training right now? Are you feeling…alone? Wondering if you’re on the right track? Sleep training is not easy! It’s exactly why Sleep Consultants are a thing. We exist to offer you a helping hand out of the sleep deprivation and into a life where you’re all happy, healthy and well rested. When I used to do in-home visits for my clients, there would be two things we’d start off with right away:

  1. Nursery Checklist: Make sure the room is super dark, monitor hung on the wall, white noise at adequate level and crib ready to go!
  2. Hand you a gift package! To give extra motivation for WHY you’re making change in your family, I would hand you a gift set of bath salts, my favorite candle and a bottle of champagne with a note directing you to open & enjoy when your child sleeps through the night! It was one of my favorite parts- surprising parents with this gift to look forward to!!

While I can’t come to your house at this current moment in our culture (#stayathome) I CAN give you a note to print off to DIY your own sleep is a thing package!!

Ready to make your own sleep celebration kit? Here’s how!

  1. Get a basket from around your home
  2. Fill with bath salts (my faves), a candle (the best) and a bottle of your preferred champagne
  3. Print of a sleep celebration card (boy & girl version)
  4. Place this somewhere in your home you’ll pass by often!
  5. Get started on your Sleep E-Coaching™ Program and get ready to make sleep a thing!
  6. Share your sleep win by tagging me @littlezlseep 🥳


Cheers to making sleep a thing, together!
Becca Campbell
Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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