Is Your Child Experiencing Sleep Challenges?

  • Have to be rocked or held to sleep?
  • Waking up multiple times a night?
  • Not staying in own bed?
  • Short naps or no naps?
  • Not letting you leave the room?
  • Waking up too early in the morning?

How Would You Like To Start Sleeping Again?

This course has brought so much peace of mind! I now have the confidence to approach naps and nights calmly and embrace the first three months.
— Charne, Hong Kong
BEST DECISION EVER. Within a week of training my sweet 6 month old boy was sleeping 12 hours a night.
— Jeanna, Missouri
This changed our life! Becca met us where we were and made the whole process seem easy and possible.
— Kelly, Virginia

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What Makes Working With Becca So Different?

When it comes to being tired, you are ready to try anything to get your child to sleep. The good news is that you can find just about anything out there to try! From books, to videos, to first and second hand advice... it is all there and readily available. 

But when you work with Becca, you are getting more than just expert direction... you are getting Becca! The tips, strategies, and sleep cycles are no secret, but the support and encouragement that you are inviting into your family's life is unmatched. Just ask the hundreds of clients she has already worked with all over the United States who have let Becca redefine their sleep story. 

Becca's mission is to Resolve Your Child's Exhausting Sleep Habits So You Can Look Forward To Bedtime. You don't have to be a tired parent, and you don't have to figure this out on your own. Sweet Dreams!


Discover How I Help Families Find The Fastest Connection To Sleep


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Free Chapter Preview: Online Newborn Course

Free Chapter Preview: Online Newborn Course

The Process: Building Daytime Routines and Expectations

5 Steps To Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

5 Steps To Get Your Toddler Sleeping Through The Night

Becca is absolutely amazing! She changed our lives in less than 1 week. Our 6 month old son was waking up every 3 hours like clockwork demanding to nurse. By day 3 he was sleeping through the night! During our 2 weeks together she provided a detailed plan, tons of encouragement, and personalized feedback based on our son’s progress. I can’t say enough good things about her!
— Suzanne, Tennessee

Our only regret about calling Becca is that we didnt call sooner. We endured 13 months of interrupted sleep and frustration, it was affecting every aspect of our lives. Becca initiated a sleep plan and had our son sleeping through the night in the first couple of days! With Becca’s guidance we were able take our lives back. We were previously going to sleep around 8pm as soon as our son fell asleep in order to desperately get a few hours in before the wake up and struggle for hours to get him back to sleep that we were so used to. Now we can lay our son down for bed and have adult time!
— Jamie, Virginia