Bedtime Routine For Kids

17+ months

Mar 18, 2020

I need to be honest with you. I teach a very strict bedtime routine for toddlers and preschoolers, and I actually don’t do it…exactly…like…I…teach. Bedtime routine for kids is FUN! Bedtime routine for kids should be an engaging and connecting. You’ll find in all my Toddler & Preschool E-Coaching Programs that I build PLAYTIME into your child’s bedtime routine. But, there are situations (like my family!) that we don’t add this in. For a very good reason!

You see, we have a pretty unique life! Our girls go to school during the day, but we’re all home together by 2:30PM EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Which is great for our family to have a lot of time together (seeing as Chad used to have a job where he wasn’t home most nights of the week, or weekends!). This bulk of time together also means that we don’t necessarily need to add playtime into our bedtime routine. Because we’ve spent the entire afternoon playing together!!

Today I’m sharing our family bedtime routine for our two girls (3 & 5 years old), and even giving you a free bedtime routine chart to save and use!

Campbell Family Bedtime Routine


  1. Bath/Shower

  2. Brush Teeth

  3. Brush Hair

  4. Lotion

  5. Panties (kept in bathroom under sink)

  6. Pajamas (parent pick 2 options, child chooses)

  7. Book (2 books or 5 minutes)

  8. Prayers + Kisses

  9. Goodnight!


In the YouTube video this week you’ll hear my girls talk about their clock (nicknamed Girly) and you’ll see it’s a glowing little owl. It’s super cute, but I don’t always recommend it because it’s very expensive (and I was given it for free!). So instead, I talk heavily about the Hatch Rest clock. In fact, I have an entire blog on how to use my Four Step Colors to signal bedtime routine starts, last call for tissues/potty/etc, sleeping time and wake up time! Read that entire blog post here!

Wondering about some of the products we use during the girls routine? Find them all here!


Been struggling with moving your child through the routine? I gotcha covered! Here’s how you can get started with a structured (but fun!) routine with your child:

  1. Download my routine chart! (One without playtime, and one with playtime!)
  2. Use a TimeTimer if your child has trouble with transitions
  3. Pour on the verbal praise! “Good job putting your pajamas on!”
  4. Use a clock for bedtime cues
  5. Be consistent and keep practicing!


Keep me posted on how your routine is going with your kiddos! And most importantly…have FUN!!!

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