How Long Do I Let My Baby Cry? {Podcast}

This episode is all about answering a few of those “Sticky Questions” I am always asked. But let me ask you one first…

Why are parents so quick to comfort their child when crying, yet they themselves are willing to go so long with uncomfortable, sleepless nights?

How long is too long for a child to cry? How long is too long for a parent to finally cry out for help?

Join me as I share with you my sleep philosophy that has helped hundreds of families resolve those exhausting sleep habits.

Two of the most common questions parents are either embarrassed or nervous to ask are:

#1 - Will you be telling me to do Cry It Out?

Let me explain to you what this really means, what some pediatricians have said about it, and my philosophy on crying when working with families.

#2 - How long should my baby be crying?

Have your pen and paper ready… I’m about to give you the magic number! Just kidding. I explain how you should sleep train with a plan and purpose, not a magic number. There is also power in accountability, and I will share with you a personal experience on this. In this episode I talk about one of my newest and most popular ways to work with families: Virtual Group Coaching. Join the next group and Get Sleep Now!

A baby who is well rested is happier, healthier, and eager to explore the world around them. Connect with me on instagram @littlezsleep, my favorite place to talk with families, and send me a message with what you are trying to change, what you want to see differently, or your ultimate goal. I will personally message you back! Let’s get some accountability!


The Most Common Sleep Issues | Swaddles 'N Bottles Guest Blog

Wondering what the most common sleep issues I hear about on a daily basis? Some of them might surprise you! I'm guest blogging over on Swaddles 'N Bottles sharing about common issues, how to work through regressions and when you know it's time to call a Sleep Consultant!

Read the full blog post here on Swaddles 'N Bottles

Thank you for the opportunity to share, Caroline!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

10 Things My Clients Hide From Me | Episode 02

Did you hear?! Little Z's Sleep PODCAST is now live!

This last week I launched two episodes for you to stream- and ohhhhhh man. I'm already stepping on toes and making change!

You might be wondering how my clients feel about me exposing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see…

You are probably asking…

-What if I become a client? Will she share about me? 

-Isn’t the client-consultant relationship special? Private? Confidential?!?!

But would you believe it is my CLIENTS who are now sharing with everyone their mischievous ways!! Why? Because they know what a BIG difference coming clean made to their sleep story, and they wan’t everyone to know it!

These 10 simple things they thought were ‘no big deal’ for me to know about ended up becoming (in many cases) the BIGGEST barrier to resolving those exhausting sleep habits.

Listen, you can try to keep your ‘secrets’ from me… but the one thing you can’t hide from your spouse, your friends, your boss, (or yours truly!) is that you are EXHAUSTED! Am I right?

Working through these things is by no means EASY, because sleep training isn’t easy! But sometimes you have to give the problem a name, call it what it is, take it to task, hang it out to dry, and wipe your hands clean of it. Are you ready? Here you go.  Head over to Instagram where I’d love to connect personally with you, and hear YOUR success stories.

Sweet Dreams,


P.S. Don’t forget, there is a REASON they try to hide these from me. It isn’t easy to give up your comforts or expose your insecurities. Just remember, there are also reasons you’re exhausted every night!


Ready for the full list?


Hiring A Sleep Consultant Saved Our Marriage

I've been told more often than you'd think, "Becca, you've literally saved our marriage."

When I first get on the phone with a family I ask about what's going on, what their biggest struggles are and what they want to see differently. On these initial calls Mom and Dad are dreaming small. And rightly so! All they want is to get their baby sleeping at least five hours at time, and maaaaybe take a good nap on their own.

I listen closely and then always blow them away. I know we can dream big!! I know we can get their child sleeping 11-12 hours all night. So my next question is, "What is something you're looking forward to once your baby is sleeping all night?" 9/10 times I hear, "Being able to sit down with my spouse and watch a show, eat dinner, go on a date night, and be back in the same bed."

One month ago Stephanie and Nick didn't think any of that was possible. But they held my {virtual} hand and jumped into the sleep training process with my via Group Sleep Coaching for Babies. Flash forward one month later and Stephanie says, "Hiring a sleep consultant saved our marriage."

>> Read the entire post here on Mankato Mom's Blog. <<

The easiest way to solve night-wakings.

Night wakes are the single biggest struggle I hear from parents each week. We all want our kids to sleep well, but overcoming those relentless middle of the night parties are TOUGH!

Does your child wake up once or more a night?

Once your pediatrician is happy with the age and weight of your little one (usually beginning around 5-months old), night wakings should not be happening anymore! Their little bodies are designed and capable of sleeping uninterrupted for up to 12 hours straight...yes, you read that right!!

Why are parents left feeling exhausted, defeated, and helpless?

Let’s be real with each other... waking up throughout the night is not normal for your body. I never have to tell a tired mom that broken sleep is worse than a solid five hours (am I right?!) Broken sleep can affect how well you function the next day, how you treat your spouse and makes working (or trying to) a real struggle! ...Now imagine how your kid feels! (Enter grumpiness, witching hour, irritability, and meltdowns to name a few.)

My advice for you tonight:

If your child wakes you up tonight, WAIT. Don’t rush into the room ready to be the hero. Remember.. you don’t even want to be in their room at night to begin with!Babies & Toddlers are loud sleepers who naturally move around in their sleep just like you. Remember when they were a tiny little one right next to your bedside? All the grunts, movement, sighs? They haven’t stopped! In most babies and young children, partial arousals are happening all night. A partial arousal is when your child is crying, but from their sleep! If you rush in to appease them, they could be totally asleep and YOU just woke them up! If your child wakes up crying tonight, WAIT. Depending on what sleep cycle they are in (yes,there is a science to this!), they could still be asleep.

Is this enough?

Waiting to respond to a night interruption can usually solve the problem. But how long should you wait? What if you are struggling with multiple instances a night? Is waiting simply enough? The answer is no, but 15 minutes is enough time to talk with me and identify what will work best just like I did for Leah and her daughter Susan:free evenings!Susan now sleeps a full 12 hours every night thanks to Becca! Had I known it would be this easy, I would have done it months ago. It’s so nice to have my evenings back!Leah Barbato (13 month old daughter)

It’s your decision..

>> Tonight, simply WAIT. Repeat tomorrow night.

> Book a free discovery call and let’s get you and your child sleeping through the night. Imagine what this time next week could be like... I’m not kidding! This weekend on Instagram I shared how my 4 month old clients from Friday are already sleeping 10 hours straight >> Let’s face it... while it is important to lay a lasting foundation for sleep, newborns and toddlers present their own separate challenges! If you already have a Little Z’s child, join my VIP Sleep Club to get a personal 1-on-1 call with me each month as well as additional resources to help you through those inevitable growth stages!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sleep Success Story (Getting Baby to Sleep All Night)

I never take it lightly when a family calls me about their baby's lack of sleep.

I have zero judgement, just lots of encouragement.

That's exactly what happened when Katelyn & Michael Alsop reached out last month about their sweet Evy's sleep.

Katelyn told me that Evy was a pretty good night sleeper, and was consistently sleeping about 7-8 hours each night. However, Mom and Dad both shared that naps were their biggest source of frustration and confusion. "Why is she only napping for 20 minutes at a time?"

I asked about bedtime routine, what time she started the day, what naps looked like, how they got her down for naps, and listened to their baby's medical history.

Then, I got to ask my favorite question: What do you want to see differently?

Mom simply said, "I want to be able to lay her down in her bed and have her nap. For more than 20 minutes!" More than that, Katelyn explained she wanted to have a system that worked and to also create the flexibility needed with their lifestyle.

Like all my calls, I could almost sense from Katelyn that saying these wishes outloud was too much. Too unrealistic. Too late to teach.

But then I got to really dive into it. I asked Katelyn and Michael if they would be okay if I changed their goals from having Evy sleep 7-8 hours to teaching her how to sleep independently for 11-12 hours. They both laughed and said, "Well that would be great!!!!"

We then talked about the reality of having a baby who sleeps well. You see, when you have a baby who is on a schedule this doesn't mean you're in a lock-down prison every day tied to baby's schedule. Sure, I ask that for two weeks we really focus on consistency. But once your baby knows HOW to sleep, it's really just about the cues.

 Have a bedtime routine?

Great! Doesn't matter if you're in a hotel or with a babysitter- they know the drill.

Have a baby who knows how to go to sleep on their own?

Awesome. Go on vacation, set up the pack 'n play, and have sweet dreams!

Going to travel a lot?

Fun! Honestly babies totally know when things are different. They'll conform to their surroundings and jump back to expectations when you arrive.

After a few weeks of working with the Alsop Family, we are all doing a big happy dance because Evy is sleeping 12 hours a night AND taking two seriously dreamy naps each day. They worked so hard and I'm so grateful my clients entrust me with their child's sleep and schedule!

Katelyn shared more about her experience over on her blog, so be sure to see what Sleep Consulting is like from a client angle!

Thank you for your sweet words, Katelyn! Sweet Dreams to you {four!}

>Want to talk about creating your OWN sleep success story? Let's talk!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Why Group Sleep Coaching Works for So Many Families

If you are like so many other moms and dads that I've spoken to, you would like to say that you have a list of New Years Resolutions, but you are honestly too tired to even think of goals.  You, unfortunately are stuck in Survival Mode...trying to make it through the day on the little sleep that you had. Instead, you listen to your friends share their 2018 goals while you dream of sleeping more than 2 hours in a row.

You are barely sleeping because your baby is barely sleeping.  You've tried everything that you can think of.  You are starting to think his not sleeping is NOT just a ‘growing phase’ or 'stage'.  And after hearing your cousin boast that her baby sleeps 10 hours a night at the Christmas get together, you are starting to believe that babies ARE capable of sleeping through the night.

What do you do?

You can try to read books and online advice. Good luck! A simple search for sleep books and articles can create a book in itself.  Not to mention WHEN are you going to have time or energy to read a book? You could ask your parents what they did. Surely if it worked for them it will work for you, right?! You could call a sleep consultant to work with you and baby in your home.  But convincing your partner that this investment is the right step is not always a fun pursuit.

But what if..

Instead of reading a book, you could receive a concise, tailored plan that tells you exactly what to do. No extra fluff or wasted time. Instead of asking what your parents did, you can talk to parents that are going through the exact same situation as you at the exact same time.

Hello, 2018! You have access to the vast experience and expertise of a sleep consultant - Me - and the support from other parents,  from the comfort of your own home, and at your own convenience.

This is why I created our Small Group Virtual Coaching.  Private, one-on-one sleep coaching isn't right for all families.  Group Virtual Coaching allows families to fit coaching into their schedules and budget, yet still get the valuable tips needed to teach their baby to sleep on his own.

What is the commitment?

Our two-week program provides you with an age-appropriate, proven sleep plan with the same foundation used to craft the highly successful Little Z Sleep Consulting private one-on-one consultations.

Start with a 45-minute instructional webinar from the comfort of your own home, at the time and on the device you choose. The webinar consultation will guide you through your plan and answer the challenging questions you will have before you even ask them.

Follow the comprehensive plan with your baby.  Use the Little Z Sleep Consulting branded sleep log to track your child’s progress.  During the 2-weeks, 4 other parents will be joining you on the sleep journey.  Wake up to encouraging messages, celebrations, and similar struggles of others in your group’s private Facebook Group. Post your questions, and join me as I answer them live.

After your successful completion of the 2-week sleep coaching, you and your baby will be sleeping through the night.

You will also qualify for access to our VIP Sleep Cub, which is open to all Little Z Sleep clients for continued support, tips, encouragement and guidance.

How much?

How much would you pay to sleep again? How much would you pay for your child to sleep 11-12 hours solid every night?  I'm kidding.  Our Small Group Virtual Sleep Coaching is $297 (all inclusive, no other purchase required).

You’re invited to the next Group Coaching Session!!

Let's make your Sleep Resolution happen so that you can get out of Survival Mode and back to feeling rested and energized.

Happy New Year and Sweet Dreams (are coming soon!),

Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

5 Ways to Maintain Great Sleep During the Holiday Season

The big countdown is on! Christmas is arriving quickly at just 4 days away!

Many of you are already packing and heading out of town, and sending me lots of questions about travel and surviving the busyness of Christmas. You might be gearing up for a long road trip or planning for a late night party, so I’m taking it as my mission to send you off well with some great strategies and answers for how to maintain great sleep.

No Place Like Home (Over-Scheduling)

During the holidays, parents book every weeknight and weekend with “memory making magic”...but all that running around can cause some major sleep issues for your child! Don’t be afraid to trim your calendar. It takes 24 hours for your child’s schedule to get back on track when naps and bedtime are pushed aside. If needed, bring along the pack-n-play for naps when you’re visiting friends and family. You won’t want your cute little turkey to turn into a total terror!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride! (Air Travel)

Treat your Flight Attendants to some chocolate as soon as you board the plane. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but you just might find they offer your family extra refreshments, pillows, or blankets!  Remember that most adults on your plane have either been in your shoes or feel for you. Happily engaging with people you think are ‘upset’ may turn YOUR perspective around! Jump into the new time zone while following your child’s sleepy cues. Unlike adults, children quickly adjust.

Children Were Nestled All Snug in Their Beds  (Dealing with a New Environment)

Bring your child’s cozy comforts to remind them of home. Snuggling up to familiar smells, sights, and feelings will help them relax and feel confident to sleep well.  Get your child’s sleep space ready as soon as you arrive at your destination. Family and friends can wait a few minutes in order to ensure happy socialization! If you anticipate staying late at friends or families’ homes, then bring what your little one needs for bedtime routine + bedtime. When your child has a defined routine and can put themselves to sleep, they can sleep just about anywhere! ... And you get to enjoy your evening!

Grab even more strategies to help you thriving in sleep during the Holidays by downloading my FREE guide!

Above all else: Have fun and take time for you. Being a wonderful parent, partner, friend and family member can only happen if you take care of yourself.

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sleep & Summer Heat

Ya'll, it's HOT out there. 

This last week temperatures were reaching an all time high here in Richmond. For two days straight the thermometer registered 105, meaning it was movies, libraries and Popsicles that kept us alive. 

When it’s so hot outside we do our best to keep our homes cool. During this time I receive lots of questions about what type of pajamas a child should wear and what temperature to keep the baby’s room. Great questions! 

To give you a general rule of thumb around pajamas and ideal temperature, I’ve create a little graphic to help guide you. While the type of pajamas change as your child ages, the ideal temperature doesn't! 

As your child grows...

Newborns aren't able to regulate their body temperature, so it's important we keep them nice and snug. Remember how cozy they were for 9 months? They still crave that same feeling! For the FULL scoop on newborn babies and how to help them sleep well, check out my online course Sleep From The Start.

Once your child hits 4 months old you'll likely be outfitting them in footed pajamas. That's totally fine! This plus a light sleep sack will help keep them comfortable during the summer months. Check out these muslin sleep sacks for a summer option. 

By full on toddler you'll be tempted to toss the sleep sack. Wait! This is the ideal time to keep it on! Your toddler will likely try to climb the crib and their sleep sack will ensure they stay put. BOOM. While you're trading footed pajamas for two piece sets, you also might be adding a blanket to your child's crib. Since you're keeping the room between 68-72º F they should still be nice and cozy. 

Happy Summer, ya'll!

May your days be fun and your dreams be sweet.

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant 

Why Car Naps Aren't Great Naps

Let's start by asking yourself a question:

When’s the last time you slept on a plane or in a car and woke up feeling totally refreshed and restored?

Never? Maybe you felt even more exhausted post-"nap"?

Exactly. This same groggy feeling of sleep is exactly what’s going on with your kiddo when he naps in the car. 

Car seats and strollers are easy (and convenient) modes of napping for busy moms.  Your daughter might fall asleep easily in either one of these on-the-go options, but she isn’t really getting the best quality of rest.*

If you have a newborn (three months and under) he can sometimes be smoothly transferred from the car to the crib.  Once he hits four - five months he’ll lose the ability to sleep everywhere.  That’s why transferring your older child from car to crib is also not a great solution.  

Even a few minutes of shut-eye for her is enough to keep her energized for hours on end.  It’s amazing!  If she does fall asleep in the car the best thing to do is keep on driving (if it’s in your schedule to do so).  Giving them a full sleep cycle (30-45 minutes) is a better option than waking them up moments after falling asleep. 

Personally I keep an arsenal of books, toys, snacks, and random play objects in my passenger seat.  When my daughter shows signs of sleepiness I toss one back and keep her going.  

Need some encouragement to make sure you’re home for naptime??

Beyond the safety concern over carseat naps* know that a better quality nap mean a better night.  

If your child is enjoying all of their naps to the fullest during the day (that means, in crib, for an hour or more) they are much more likely to have a great night. 

Unfortunately it’s common for parents to skip a child’s naps in hopes for a longer night sleep.  That is just so not true.  During a missed nap time, your little one's adrenal glands secrete small amounts of cortisol, which can cause a stimulation.  That, combined with over-tiredness, makes him much more likely to wake up during the night.

So then you’ve got a baby who didn’t nap that day, and didn’t sleep well at night.  You’ve set yourself up for a rough 24 hours! 

On the other hand, if your child is at home resting in his bed for a nap at the scheduled time, his  brain produces melatonin, which helps him get to sleep and stay asleep later on that evening. 

As that sleep rhythm becomes consistent, sleep will come more naturally and easily and you’ll have a child who takes longer naps and has an easier time sleeping through the night.

How does that sound?

Sweet (crib-napping) Dreams ya'll!

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

>>Working through a Nap Transition? Grab your Nap Transitions Guide!<<

Our Nap Transition: From One to None

Our Nap Transition_ From One To None

It’s time for me to be 10000% real with you. 

I’ve been in nap chaos for the last month…and it’s still going on. 

You see, we flirted with taking Big Sister’s nap away. It can happen anywhere between 2.5-3 years old. Typically by 3 years old they no longer need a nap, and if they do fall asleep it just causes a LOT of protest and stalling at bedtime. 

(Sound familiar?)

So here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes:

#1  For the past couple of month’s Big Sister’s naps have been hit or miss. She would go days without sleeping, then one day sleep a full 2.5 hours. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason (no extra activities)…and sometimes I would have to go wake her up at the 3 hour mark so she WOULD go to sleep that night.

#2  When she slept 2.5-3 hours she wouldn’t fall asleep for the night until 8:45/9pm. Keep in mind that we put her in her crib at 7. She would lay there awake singing the entire Frozen soundtrack or talk to her monkey and lamby. On the nights where I knewshe wasn’t tired yet we had extra special 1:1 time. That was so much fun. We’d go through the Bedtime Routine then put Little Sister to sleep, leave the room, and read/snuggle/tickle/play for an extra 30 minutes. We’d then sneak back in their room, slip her into bed and she’d be out within 10-15 minutes.

#3  Then she started protesting naps altogether. It didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do, she played, talked, sang, did flips…in her bed for an hour or more. This went on for two straight weeks.

#4  So I threw a pity-party, got my game-plan, and sat down to tell her the news: “You don’t have to nap anymore!” She still doesn’t 100% understand that Quiet Time and Nap Time are two totally different things, but we’re working on it.

For any nap change your baby or toddler makes, it is going to take 4-6 weeks for them to fully adjust. So we’re on Week 4 of no naps, and here’s what our schedule looks like:

7:00am: Wake for the day

1:30pm: Little Sister’s nap + Big Sister’s quiet time

2:00pm: End quiet time

2:45pm: Little Sister up

5:30pm: Dinner

6:00pm: Bath

6:30pm: In the cribs

They are both OUT by 6:31pm, and we’ll hear them start stirring between 6:45-7am. 

I told a friend today that it’s going well, but we are FOR SURE in cranky zone from 5-6:30pm. This is when walks, chalk, or a little snack before dinner save the day. 

Have questions about nap transitions? Wondering how to make the jump from 3 to 2, 2 to 1, or 1 to none? Let’s talk.

Sweet Dreams,

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Mommy Motrin Monster (Or, bedtime isn't always perfect)

Mommy Motrin Monster

It’s been three months of successful room-sharing over here. So naturally, something had to go wrong last night. 

Two days ago my Big Girl (now 2.5) started to have a runny nose. Allergies, I thought. I’m still convinced that it is…but then why did Little Sister (now 10.5 months) pick this up too? 

On Wednesday night Big Girl slept like a champ but Little Sister cried out several times during the night. She would cry or scream for literally 10-15 seconds and then go back to sleep. This partial arousal is totally normal for babies, but rarely happens with her. 

The next day came and went, and Thursday night (last night) she was a M-E-S-S. 

Cried off and on after I left (again, this never happens). Fell asleep only to wake up 90 minutes later (after the first sleep cycle) sitting up and screaming…really odd for her. I went up to comfort her and felt snot all over her face. Her cry was off, her sleep was off, something was going on. 

So I went through my mental sleep troubleshooting checklist: 

Is she going through a developmental milestone? (Yes- crusing. But she’s been doing this for weeks now)

Did she not get enough daytime sleep? (Yes- slept her usual 3 hours)

Was she still hungry? (No. She swatted the bottle away instantly when I sat down to finish off her bedtime one still hanging out in the chair..)

Is the room too cold? (No- 72and she was even a bit warm to the touch.)

Lost her lovie? (Nope, lovie was in her hand.)

Teething? (Yes)

Sick? (My mom instincts told me something was off. She was so pathetic.)

Since I couldn’t land on anything besides possible sickness mixed with maaaaaybe teething, I decided to give her Motrin. This was maybe the third time in her life she has had it, so keep in mind girl is not used to syringes…also let’s recall the bottle swat she just did…

So here I am with Motrin in one hand and holding her in the other. I stick the syringe in her mouth and get half of it it…aaaaaand then comes her hand shoving it out of the way. 

Except I am still squirting the meds out. 

So berry flavored Motrin splatters ALL over this child’s face. 

She’s rubbing her eyes frantically and I’m freaking out because “WILL MOTRIN CAUSE BLINDNESS?!?!” 

I ran out of the room and found a stray roll of toilet paper as the first object to wipe her face.  I turned the sink on and simultaneously tried to grab a piece…but one knows you cannot grab toilet paper one handed. So the entire roll goes flying into the sink and I’m left with a soggy roll to wipe her eyes with.


This whole time she isn’t crying…just rubbing her eyes and sleepily looking at me. Clearly thinking, “What on earth did you do to me??”

Miraculously the soggy toilet paper roll seemed to work and I returned her to bed. A few whines and moans and she was out again. Until 7:30am.

So, just in case you thought I was over here having a seamless bedtime and night 1000% of the time…. I’m not. 

Signed Mommy Motrin Monster,

Becca Campbell Pediatric Sleep Consultant



Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Four Ways to Improve Daycare Naps

How can my baby sleep better at day care? No matter where the baby naps (home, daycare, in-laws, in-home sitter) short naps (30-45 minutes) are a common issue I see with most children. Most of the time babies in daycare take these famous 30-45 minute naps because of the environment: bright and noisy. So while typically we can’t control the brightness of the room or the excitement level of other kids (my baby is a happy screecher so I know all about THAT noise!) we can implement some strategies to help your baby take better daycare naps.

Nap Routine

Small, simple, to the point..and the SAME routine you do at home. I’m not talking 30 minutes (like bedtime routine), more like 1-3 minutes to give your baby a “cue” that sleep is coming. My own example is: change diaper, read a book, lay in crib. It doesn’t matter where your child is, or who is doing the routine, they simple know the formula diaper change + book = sleep!

White Noise

Your baby may not be on the same nap schedule as the other babies, so more than likely you’ll have a baby happy screeching on the floor while yours is trying to catch a few Zzz’s. This can be distracting, but more so, it can wake your baby up after one short sleep cycle…hence the popular 30 minute naps! While these shorts naps are really common in daycare situations, a portable white noise machine placed near your baby can absolutely help. I recommend these options: by Marpac and myBaby.


If you have a newborn, here’s where you’ll want the same swaddle as night time (I love these!), and if you have a baby under 12 months keep the same sleep sack as home. If your child is between 10-12 months old offer a lovie that stays in their daycare backpack. A familiar comfort item to have during naptime only each day.


You are your child’s advocate. Know your child’s optimal awake window to make sure you’re timing the naps correctly, and communicate with your child’s caretaker exactly when they should be in the crib. Remember that time is when they need to be IN the crib, not getting ready to go in the crib. Overtiredness is a nap enemy, yall!

Have questions about naps? They are definitely a totally different piece than night sleep, so if you're sitting there thinking "my child will never nap more than an hour"...let's talk.  It's time to change that!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

DST: Spring Forward and beyond

Daylight Savings Time Daylight Saving Time is here again! There are two ways you can navigate this time change:

1) Cold Turkey

2) Split the Difference

I happen to prefer one over the other though! For a video description of what to do see my Facebook Live video. I'll give you personal examples of what I will do with my own girls, and explain how to know which option is best for your kiddo.

I was also able to contribute to Richmond Moms Blog and explain how to make the change for your child. Be sure to read through for other checks you can do during the DST weekend to help keep your family safe and secure.

If you've made it past a week of Daylight Saving and your child is still having some troubles, let's talk.  Letting a problem linger can cause new habits to form!

Sweet Dreams,

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

The Power of Sunshine

The Power of Sunshine It seems every time this year some funny things start to happen. 

Great sleepers go through a regression. 

Poor sleepers take longer to teach. 

Cabin fever takes over our attitudes. 

And guess what?! ALL OF THESE ARE RELATED!

I've recently explained to many clients and family members about the power of sunshine.  Typically I reserve these conversations for Time Change season (AH! It's coming!) or Time Zone travel. In these situations we use the sun as a natural way to "reset" our body clocks.  The same reason can be applied for these regressions, tough teachable times, and our moods. 

A little bit of sunshine does a lot of good! 

Great sleepers going through a regression

Hello, my life! My toddler (2.5 years) is currently going through a bedtime struggle. She isn't actually struggling, but it takes her a good while to fall asleep (about 20-40 minutes). She does sing the entire time...which is hilariously adorable. However, I've begun to notice when we play outside the last hour or so before heading in for dinner, bath, bed...she falls asleep much quicker, and actually sleeps longer.  ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!! This isn't really anything new. I've talked about it before, but it's worth re-learning again. Without medications or drastic changes I simply suggest taking your child outside to play, breathe in the fresh air, and soak up some sun. It can be for an hour or more, but for toddlers especially, mix in some high energy fun! 

Poor sleepers taking longer to teach

There are times when we can do all the strategies and methods for a child, but it's the simplest things that do the trick. Sunshine being one of these! As I work with families to set routines and schedules, it is almost like we are resetting their entire body. Actually... it IS like that!  Again for toddlers especially, get them outside! Have some hard, fun, fast, and sunny playtime the last hour before dinner. It's such a simple action that helps their body soak up the last bit of sunshine (which is vital to their body) and also gears their brain/body for the release of melatonin. This release of melatonin is key to helping your toddler fall asleep and sleep through the night. (But remember, turn off the screens!)

Cabin fever and our attitudes

I'm guilty of becoming quite crabby if we can't go outside or if it's gloomy out my window. A few things that help? A good dance party with my toddler, stretching, and taking advantage of slivers of sun! We are getting quite good at bundling up and rushing to the playground for 10-15 minutes of playtime. 

For more information on the benefits of sunshine and our health plus your child's body clock check out these reliable sources:

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Your Action Plan: For Sickness & Sleep

Your Action Plan for Sickness and Sleep Here in Virginia the high today is in the sweet 70s. Tomorrow? It's not supposed to break 42 degrees.

Like, WHAT?! 

I know for a fact this will mean a bunch of kiddos will come down with runny noses, coughs, or even just feel miserable. 

The worst part about all of this is that when our kids get sick their sleep sometimes gets disrupted.

So if your fantastic sleeper gets sick...they might have a few bumps in the night. 

Take a deep breath...I'm here to help!

I've got a post up on Richmond Moms Blog to help guide you through this tough time. 

Check it out here!  

And if you have specific questions about how to re-adjust your little ones sleep post sickness, don't hesitate to let me know. Once they learn a new "normal" (even if for a night or two) it can be hard to get back on track. 

Sweet (and healthy!) dreams,  

Becca Campbell Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Wake to Feed or Snooze Away?

Should I Wake My Baby to Feed?

The #1 question my clients ask: "Should I wake the baby to feed?"

There's actually two answers to this question.

1.DAY: Yes. Baby needs to stay on a feed schedule.

2.NIGHT: No. Baby needs to grow.

Now let's dive into my reasons behind each one!

Wake During the Day

During the day your baby needs to consume their calories to stay healthy and continue to thrive.  So yes, if your baby is snoozing past the feed time by all means get them up to feed.  But I don't want you to go in with bells on waking them up from a deep sleep.  Instead I want you to quietly open the door to let in some light.  Then go in and turn the white noise off.  Nine out of ten times this will wake the baby.  If it doesn't, open the blinds a bit to let in more natural light.  We want the baby to wake up as "naturally" as possible.  Once the baby is awake, change them, and feed.

A quick rule of thumb to follow for waking to keep a feed schedule: If your baby (5 months+) is sleeping 30 minutes past their "scheduled" nap time then wake them up.  It's time to stick to a routine and feed schedule for the day.

Sleep During the Night

Night is the opposite story! Sleep is the only time your baby grows.  So let them grow! *If your baby is underweight or premature please follow your pediatrician's guidelines.* Let your baby finish their REM cycle and wake naturally when it's time to eat.  Then go in, change their diaper, and feed them. No wake time after feeding! Back to the bed they go for more sweet dreams and healthy sleep.

Wondering if your baby is waking too much? Let's book a time to talk about your child's sleep and I'll go over some real-life expectations for your baby and your family.

Sweet Dreams,

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant