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How To Handle The Witching Hour (for Newborns!) | Little Z Sleep


Have you been struggling with a crying, fussy newborn every evening until close to midnight? Trying anything to bounce, cuddle, swaddle, feed or walk baby around just trying to get them to stop the tears? If that at all describes your evening with your newborn, you have likely been experiencing what is called “the witching […]

How to help your newborn sleep with the pick up put down method


How do you put a newborn to sleep? Shouldn’t they just close their eyes and…..go to sleep!? In this video, I’m teaching you the Pick Up Put Down method that you can use from day 1 to help your newborn fall asleep! As a pediatric sleep consultant, so many of the families I work with […]

Maintaining your Milk Supply While Sleep Training


As a breastfeeding mom of two, there’s no doubt that I have had a thousand and one questions regarding my milk supply when it comes to fostering healthy sleep habits and sleep training. “Is my body going to make enough milk once my baby sleeps through the night?” “Is my baby going to drink enough […]

How much crying is involved in sleep training?


Are you nervous about how much crying is involved in sleep training? I’ve never met a child who likes change! Any time we make a change, a child is going to protest. Read along for my insight on crying, how much protest you can expect on Night 1 of sleep training and research on sleep training and crying!

How to Solve Short Naps


Does your baby wake up at 30 minutes after a nap? Are you constantly struggling to figure out how to get your baby to nap longer? Short naps are a constant struggle in the world of baby sleep, and this has to be the most common topic we are working on with Little Z’s families! […]

What to Expect when Sleep Training a Toddler or Preschooler


Wondering what it’s really like when it comes to sleep training a toddler or preschooler?  In this episode of the Little Z’s Sleep podcast, Sarah Leach and I are digging into what to expect when sleep training a child instead of a baby! Who is considered a toddler or preschooler?  When we talk about a […]

Traveling on an Airplane with a Baby


In this episode of the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast we’re discussing our top tips when it comes to traveling on an airplane with a baby! We’ve put together everything you need to know before you fly, how to prepare for the flight, navigating the travel day and how to recover after the plane ride. With […]

Moving with Kids


Don’t know where to start when it comes to moving with kids?  Feeling overwhelmed and looking for tips to make moving with kids easy? Take a deep breath – We’ve got you covered in this blog! Kate Morse, our COO here at Little Z’s, is here to share her top tips for moving with kids. […]

How to create healthy screen time rules for your family | Little Z Sleep


Why do I care so much about this topic? There is a strong connection between screen time and sleep. Over the years, I have seen families use screens as a reward for sleeping through the night or as a part of the bedtime routine.

When to use a nightlight for your child's room | Little Z Sleep


Is your child afraid of the dark? I’ve always said, “The darker the room, the better the sleep.” But, what about when your child requests a nightlight? In this video and blog post, we are going to talk about introducing nightlights to your toddler without disrupting their nighttime sleep! As a mother to two daughters, […]

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