Summer Sleep Schedule For Babies: 4 Tips For A Busy Summer

4-16 months

Jun 21, 2024

As summer rolls in with its sunny days and endless activities, many parents find themselves struggling with how to maintain a consistent summer sleep schedule for babies. Balancing your baby’s nap routine with the busy schedules of older siblings attending camp, swimming lessons, and various summer outings can seem daunting.

However, we’ve put together 4 steps to help your family enjoy the summer but keep sleep a thing for baby!

In this blog, we’ll explore effective strategies for managing your baby’s naps during the hectic summer months!

Whether you have a newborn or a big kid, I’m here to help you navigate these challenges with practical tips and strategies. 

Let’s dive into Amanda’s question from Virginia:

“How do I accommodate my baby’s naps (four months old) while taking older siblings to camp, swimming, and other fun activities planned for the summer?”


Summer Sleep Schedule For Babies: 4 Steps To Success

If you’re in need of a new summer sleep schedule for baby due to a busy summer, there are four considerations! 

Before we discuss the tips, remember that babies NEED a specific amount of sleep each day plus nighttime totals. While we can get flexible, it’s important to remember we want to honor as much sleep as we can.

It’s okay to be flexible with your baby’s nap schedule during the summer and the point of this blog is to help!

It’s common for parents, especially those with multiple children, to struggle with maintaining a strict nap schedule. We’re here to help you manage the flexibility, but keep sleep a thing!

Here are some key strategies to ensure your baby gets the rest they need without sacrificing family fun.

summer sleep schedule for babies

Step 1: Evaluate and Plan Your Week

During those activity-filled summer months, take a look at your upcoming week and identify how many naps you can realistically offer in the crib.

Consistency is key, even if it’s just one nap per day!

With your busy summer schedule can baby take at least 1 nap in their crib each day? Mark the nap on the calendar and honor it!

nap tips for summer sleep schedule

Typically, the first nap of the day is the easiest to schedule in the crib since morning activities are often less frequent. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow for this, adapt as needed.

If you aren’t sure of your baby’s sleep schedule get everything you need to know here in our Complete Schedule Guide!

what is my baby's sleep schedule

Step 2: Creative Solutions for On-the-Go Naps

Summer sleep schedules for babies take some creativity at times!

If crib naps aren’t feasible for every nap during your busy summer, embrace flexible solutions like baby carriers or strollers.

A high-quality baby carrier or a bassinet-style stroller for young babies can make a significant difference.

Make sure your baby stays cool and comfortable as they sleep by using breathable covers and portable fans, especially during the hot summer months.

Safety Note: Avoid covering the stroller with blankets as it can create an oven-like effect, leading to overheating. You might want to consider a stroller cover like this from SnoozeShade that is safe for outdoor use and won’t risk creating an oven-like effect like some blankets will.


Step 3: Early Bedtime as a Backup Plan

An early bedtime can be a lifesaver when daytime naps are disrupted with all of your fun-filled summer activities.

If your baby’s naps were shorter or more fragmented than usual, putting them to bed earlier can help compensate for the lost sleep.

This strategy is effective only if your baby can sleep independently without relying on sleep props like pacifiers or rocking.

Example: If your usual bedtime is 7 PM, consider moving it up to 6 or 6:30 PM on days with disrupted naps.

the best 4 tips for summer sleep schedule for babies

Step 4: Seek Help When Needed

Balancing a summer sleep schedule for your baby with a busy schedule can quickly become overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Can we ask around for a mother’s helper or a babysitter who can watch the monitor while you run errands or pick up older kids? 

This step may be the most helpful if you’ve found that a week of off days for baby is causing more nightwakings. The last thing we want is to be exhausted AND busy this ummer!

Getting help to watch the monitor while baby naps can be invaluable in maintaining a semblance of your baby’s nap routine! 


Key Takeaways

Need help creating a summer sleep schedule for baby during a busy summer? These 4 tips can help everyone keep sleep a thing!

  1. Plan out how many crib naps are possible each week
  2. Find creative (yet safe!) solutions for on the go naps so we aren’t totally skipping sleep!
  3. Put baby to bed early if naps were missed during the day
  4. Ask for help if you can have someone watch the monitor while you run pickup

By planning ahead, being flexible, and seeking help when needed, you can ensure your baby gets the rest they need while still enjoying summer fun.

For more tips to keep sleep a thing, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @LittleZSleep and send me your sleep questions. Together, we can navigate these parenting challenges and ensure sweet dreams for everyone all summer long!

Summer Sleep Schedule For Baby: 4 Tips for A busy summer

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