Episode #65: Tips on Taking Baby to Disney World

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Episode #65: Tips on Taking Baby to Disney World


May 31, 2019

Before you head off to Disney this summer, follow these tips from Disney pro, Katie Swift! Not only did her family complete Sleep E-Coaching at 4 months old, but they rocked Disney World and STILL slept all night!! Hear Katie’s top tips for enjoying the trip with a baby, and even check out her resources she used for planning below:


Stroller that fully reclines

Clip on fan for stroller

Stroller organizer with cup holders + pouches

Lots of info on Disney from other moms:


Rides for babies:


Info on Baby Care Centers:



Some Good (Quieter) Nap Spots:


I’d also add that, in Magic Kingdom, the fountain area by Gaston’s Tavern was a great spot for us.  Quieter, water noise, some shaded areas.

Packing tips (We didn’t bring all of these but used some of her tips for sure):


Disney’s Preschool Parents’ Guide:


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