Episode #2: Ten Things My Clients Try To Hide From Me


Feb 23, 2018

You might be wondering how my clients feel about me exposing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see…

You are probably asking…

-What if I become a client? Will she share about me? 

-Isn’t the client-consultant relationship special? Private? Confidential?!?!

But would you believe it is my CLIENTS who are now sharing with everyone their mischievous ways!! Why? Because they know what a BIG difference coming clean made to their sleep story, and they want everyone to know it!

These 10 simple things they thought were ‘no big deal’ for me to know about ended up becoming (in many cases) the BIGGEST barrier to resolving those exhausting sleep habits.

Listen, you can try to keep your ‘secrets’ from me… but the one thing you can’t hide from your spouse, your friends, your boss, (or yours truly!) is that you are EXHAUSTED! Am I right?

Working through these things is by no means EASY, because sleep training isn’t easy! But sometimes you have to give the problem a name, call it what it is, take it to task, hang it out to dry, and wipe your hands clean of it. Are you ready?

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#1: Disagreement– When Mom and Dad are on Different Pages

Shouldn’t parents be working on making their child’s sleep easier instead of making their marriage harder? I quickly discover the happy smiling (and tired) couple I consulted with forgot to mention one little thing… they saw things differently!  Dad wanted to take a more aggressive approach to sleep training, but Mom wanted a softer strategy. Mom was going to try to power through alone, but Dad wanted to be more involved.

#2: Tolerance– When crying becomes too much

Your child’s crying is what I call a pain point, and nobody enjoys admitting when they are in a lot of pain. Parents come to me desperate and exhausted – ready to do absolutely anything to get their child to sleep. But what my clients often hide from me is how they REALLY feel about crying. It is easy to commit in the moment to following a new plan with all of the strength and resolve you can muster, but when your child is relentlessly crying and protesting the new changes, your paternal instincts kick in and nothing will stop you from reacting. You thought you could tolerate it, but then reality hit.

#3: Pacifier– A quick fix, a lasting problem

I’m going to step on some toes here! Around 4 months old it’s time to ditch the pacifier. There are three ways it becomes a bad habit and I need you to steer clear!! a) Broken Sleep Habits b) Speech Delay c) Improper Dental Development

#4: Rock N Play– it’s not called the Rock N Sleep!

Probably the #1 Baby Item out there and here I am telling you to avoid it!! Trust me, I’m doing you a huge favor! The RNP keeps baby all snug and cozy, which is totally fine! But the issue lies in long naps and night sleep in this product that is known to cause flat-head syndrome and inability to teach him/her to self-soothe.

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  1. Janice says:

    Where can I find the list on the webpage? My searches have come up empty and the links above don’t work anymore. Thanks!

  2. Janice says:

    Where can I find the list on the webpage? My searches have come up empty and the links above don’t work anymore. Thanks!

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