Hiring A Sleep Consultant Saved Our Marriage


Feb 23, 2018


I’ve been told more often than you’d think, “Becca, you’ve literally saved our marriage.”

When I first get on the phone with a family I ask about what’s going on, what their biggest struggles are and what they want to see differently. On these initial calls Mom and Dad are dreaming small. And rightly so! All they want is to get their baby sleeping at least five hours at time, and maaaaybe take a good nap on their own.

I listen closely and then always blow them away. I know we can dream big!! I know we can get their child sleeping 11-12 hours all night. So my next question is, “What is something you’re looking forward to once your baby is sleeping all night?” 9/10 times I hear, “Being able to sit down with my spouse and watch a show, eat dinner, go on a date night, and be back in the same bed.”

One month ago Stephanie and Nick didn’t think any of that was possible. But they held my hand and jumped into the sleep training process with my via Group Sleep Coaching for Babies. Flash forward one month later and Stephanie says, “Hiring a sleep consultant saved our marriage.”

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