Episode #89: The Making of Little Z’s

All Ages

Jan 9, 2020

Since 2015 I’ve been working with families around the world to help them teach their baby, toddler or preschooler to sleep well. Things have changed a lot since then, and today on the Podcast I’m sharing the story with you! 


We had our first baby! Brought her home totally unprepared and knew that colic life REALLY WELL!


Sleep trained Ellie at 4 months and became amazed at how she DID want sleep!! Maybe other parents would want this too?! Attended Sleep Consultant training in the Spring and graduated the mentorship program by the fall.


Had our second daughter and moved our business from Louisiana to Virginia (where I grew up!). The confidence I felt from knowing WHAT to do this time was so encouraging, and I began to write down what steps to take to make sleep a thing, from the start!


Launched my first version of the Newborn Course! I taught this class viritually to families as far as Hong Kong and as close as my own neighborhood! We recorded this class and offered it simply on our website as a download. At the end of this year Chad also started working with me! He’s the one who keeps me organized, takes care of financials, builds out our online programs (a big job in 2018!) and more!!


We launched the Podcast which became a huge way to connect with more people. Overwhelmed by taking on too many clients and not being able to provide services for those who couldn’t afford it, we launched 6-16 Months Baby Sleep E-Coaching™ in the fall!! This was a live class we had professionally recorded and made available for parents everywhere! In these first few months it reached 1,000 families!


A big year in providing more services for you!! We launched 4-5 Months Baby Sleep E-Coaching (and bundled it with the 6-16 Months), Toddler Sleep E-Coaching AND Preschool Sleep E-Coaching! Now children ages 0-5 years old have a low cost and high quality program to get them sleeping!!


I’ve got 4 big projects on my heart, and we’re currently working on the first…which I’ll share more in the coming months!!

Speaking of the Podcast! Episode 100 is approaching!!! If you have an idea of what this episode should include, share it with us!!!

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