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Feb 20, 2018


Hey there! I’m Becca Campbell, Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant! I’d love to take a few minutes to welcome you, give you a big high five and a hug, and say, “Welcome to my site!! Let’s resolve your child’s exhausting sleep habits!”.

 I have always loved sleep!! When I was little, my favorite princess was Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t really put that together until I had my own daughter who loves princesses! Long before that, when I was a baby, my mom said I hated to be rocked. She would try to rock me, but I would point and say, “Bed!” I didn’t even want her to touch me, I just wanted to go to bed!! 

Flash forward to college, I remember being so obsessed with my sleep I would count and make sure that every night I got eight hours of sleep! (Okay, still do!) One time I forced myself to pull an all night-er, and it was awful! I could never understand why people did it. I felt miserable. I didn’t even have to stay up. I just figured, this is what you do, right? You have to stay up all night when you’re in college. Ugh! It was awful! I hated it. Never, ever again. 

So yeah, my sleep is very precious!! When we had our first daughter after being married for about 4 years, we just did not know what to do with ourselves because we were exhausted. We were zombies. We were up every 45 minutes, every 2 hours at best, throughout the night with our 4-month-old daughter. 

At the time my husband and I were both teachers. It was miserable! Every single night we did not know what to expect. For hours on end in the evenings she would be crying. Apparently, that was called the “witching hour” (you know that time!?) and I just honestly was struggling. 

I didn’t even realize, though, that I was struggling with post-partum depression, so there was a whole other aspect to this sleep deprivation state that we were in. I didn’t understand, and I wasn’t giving myself grace. I was too hard on myself, but at the bottom of our foundation of health… we just weren’t sleeping, and I didn’t understand why my baby wasn’t sleeping. 

You see pictures, you see videos of sweet newborns laying on mom, laying on dad, and taking naps; and we barely had any of that going on.

Our nighttime was terribly awful and really unsafe. I remember waking up and I had no idea where my baby was. We had a bassinet set up right next to my side of the bed so I could easily reach over and feed her during the night. But because she had such terrible sleep habits, and didn’t know how to sleep (and I didn’t know how to help her!)… I would wake up and she would be laying on me. 

I couldn’t remember when she got into our bed. 

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I fed her. 

I couldn’t remember if my husband had her.

It was like alarms going off all over the place!

So I sat down one morning like every exhausted parent and I Googled, “How do I get my baby to sleep?”

I ended up just being overwhelmed by things that promised a good night sleep. 

I wanted help but I decided I could do it myself. Yeah, that lasted all about 2 days when I decided, you know what, I am so tired I don’t know what I’m doing. I cannot teach myself. So that’s when I ended up working with a consultant myself!! Within just a few nights time, we had a baby who was miraculously sleeping. 

I felt this huge sigh of relief and when my baby could sleep 12 hours all night long, I wanted to shout it from everywhere! I wanted to tell EVERYONE that my baby was sleeping!!! (You know that feeling??)

Some people shared that enthusiasm and they totally understood! Other’s just looked at me, and clearly those people weren’t parents!!

Not everyone understood this was a monumental experience!! 

Maybe you do? Maybe you finally understand that your child CAN sleep 12 hours. You experience it and you are so excited about it!! Now you’re obsessed, and you want to maintain that good sleep… like me. 

Or maybe, you’re on the other end of where I originally was. Maybe you’re waking up all night in a zombie state. 

You have absolutely no idea what to do. 

You’re just trying to survive. 

That’s okay. I have no judgment about how you are surviving!! 

My goal is to be able to resolve your child’s exhausting sleep habits. I want you to look forward to every night and nap, knowing they will blissfully fall asleep on their own and sleep peacefully. 

But to get out of survival mode, I just have one question. 

“What would you like to see differently?” 

…Come on, dream with me!! What would you like to wave a magic wand over and fix?

Most parents ask for just 5-6 hours of sleep. I get it! We often dream small! 

If you’re up four, five times a night…or even if you’re up once a night, it doesn’t matter. You have an end goal of wanting to sleep well, and I’m here to help you blow your goals out of the water. 

Every week you can find me here on my blog and podcast sharing how we can help your child (ages 0-5 years) sleep well. I’ll be here to talk to you, teach you, and equip you with exactly what to do and how to do it!! And of course…provide you with solid sleep that lasts a lifetime. 

That’s my belief. When we resolve your child’s sleep, it is a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

And yes, I can be on the other side now saying, (3.5 years later) my daughter is still consistently sleeping 12 hours every single night. And we’ve got a second daughter now!! Who also shares the same room and the same gift of a full night’s sleep! But for now, I hope that you’ll spread the word to your friends and all of your sleep deprived mamas that this blog and my weekly podcast is for you. 

Sweet dreams! See you next time. 


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