The Easiest Way to Solve Night Wakings


Feb 18, 2018


Night wakes are the single biggest struggle I hear from parents each week. We all want our kids to sleep well, but overcoming those relentless middle of the night parties are TOUGH!

Does your child wake up once or more a night?

Once your pediatrician is happy with the age and weight of your little one (usually beginning around 5-months old), night wakings should not be happening anymore! Their little bodies are designed and capable of sleeping uninterrupted for up to 12 hours straight…yes, you read that right!!

Why are parents left feeling exhausted, defeated, and helpless?

Let’s be real with each other… waking up throughout the night is not normal for your body. I never have to tell a tired mom that broken sleep is worse than a solid five hours (am I right?!) Broken sleep can affect how well you function the next day, how you treat your spouse and makes working (or trying to) a real struggle! …Now imagine how your kid feels! (Enter grumpiness, witching hour, irritability, and meltdowns to name a few.)

My advice for you tonight:

If your child wakes you up tonight, WAIT. Don’t rush into the room ready to be the hero. Remember.. you don’t even want to be in their room at night to begin with!Babies & Toddlers are loud sleepers who naturally move around in their sleep just like you. Remember when they were a tiny little one right next to your bedside? All the grunts, movement, sighs? They haven’t stopped! In most babies and young children, partial arousals are happening all night. A partial arousal is when your child is crying, but from their sleep! If you rush in to appease them, they could be totally asleep and YOU just woke them up! If your child wakes up crying tonight, WAIT. Depending on what sleep cycle they are in (yes,there is a science to this!), they could still be asleep.

Is this enough?

Waiting to respond to a night interruption can usually solve the problem. But how long should you wait? What if you are struggling with multiple instances a night? Is waiting simply enough? The answer is no, but 15 minutes is enough time to talk with me and identify what will work best just like I did for Leah and her daughter Susan:free evenings!Susan now sleeps a full 12 hours every night thanks to Becca! Had I known it would be this easy, I would have done it months ago. It’s so nice to have my evenings back!Leah Barbato (13 month old daughter)

It’s your decision..

>> Tonight, simply WAIT. Repeat tomorrow night.

>> Find your child’s sleep program right now.

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant


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