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Feb 26, 2020

Imagine if the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast and my Instagram Stories had a baby? They’d probably name it, YOUTUBE!!!! That’s right! Today we opened up our YouTube channel with THREE new videos for you! The mission of this new channel is the same as our blog and Podcast: help you resolve your child’s exhausting sleep habits! Don’t worry, we’re still keeping both the blog and Podcast weekly! You’ll now also see a YouTube video embedded within the blog!

We’re so excited about this but need your help!!!

  1. Subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss an episode!
  2. Share 1 of the 3 videos you love most on your stories or Facebook, and tag me! I’d love to connect!
  3. Comment below and tell me what video you’d like to see us film next!

I can’t say it enough….I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

Already up on the channel you’ll find three videos covering:

  • Ideal Bedtime Routine for Babies — To SOLVE Nightwakings!
  • Why I DO NOT Recommend The Dock-A-Tot
  • What Is Sleep Training- A Review Of All Methods


Cheers to continuing the work of helping your little ones become happy, healthy & well-rested!!!

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