Wondering when it's time to make the change from 3 to 2 naps? Or take the leap from 2 to 1 nap? 

I hear from my clients all the time, "Becca! Give me a schedule!" or "Is it the right time to go down to one nap?"

On today's episode I'm laying it all out for you! How to handle the transition from 3 to 2 naps and 2 to 1 nap. 

This episode is heavy on the numbers, so to help guide you visually use these downloads above to solidify your child's *NEW* schedule!

The biggest takeaway when making the change in nap schedules is to give your child 4-6 weeks to actually *sync* with the new routine. It will take time and consistency for your little one to understand their new sleep expectation, but keep on carrying through!! 

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*SURPRISE! My oldest daughter joined me for a fun intro to the show today! Enjoy her description of bedtime routine and quiet time...apparently she loves tooth paste the best...Ha!*

How To Handle Sleep On Vacation: 

Now you're on vacation! 

1) Set up the room: can you get a suite? extra bathroom? closet? 

2) Keep Naps on Day 1 on point!

3) Understand when an early bedtime is necessary

4) Measure how to get back on track at home!

Where are you headed out on vacation this summer? Share with me how you're taking your sleep skills on the road with you!


Looking for suggestions for travel items??? BABY | TODDLER

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Nesting and designing a nursery is probably the most enjoyable process of preparing for baby! But often when I visit a client's home I notice a few things missing that ensure a great sleep environment. 

In this episode I'm reviewing my top three essentials for all baby and kid rooms! Plus, Chyrelle Dorinsky of Lustre Home joins me to talk about how to design a nursery by shopping your home, finding key pieces and sticking to an accent wall rule of thumb!

Becca's Top Three Essentials:

1. Blackout Liners or Blackout Curtains

2. White Noise Machine

3. Firm Flat Surface! (Crib, bassinet or pack 'n play)

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After working with hundreds of families, I've heard parents ask me LOTS of questions. These are the most frequently asked Dad questions I receive. I love talking through these questions with them, and then turning them into sleep believers!!

Download the 13 questions Dads most frequently ask me HERE! 

When I speak with a family and Mom says, "I'm ready. But my husband said no because ___________." There are actually three responses I get most often: 

1. "...He wants us to try one more thing." 

2. "...He says this is just a phase." 

3. "...He doesn't think we need to hire someone." 

Now I will say Moms have these questions too, it's just that Dads tend to voice them much more strongly. On today's episode I'm answering these three "My husband says no because..." and sharing 10 more here!


There is NO manual that comes with your baby! But now!!! You have Sleep From The Start: Online Newborn Course. My Online Newborn Course is designed to help the expecting mom, the new mom, or the mom again. Perfect for babies 0-12 weeks old, this course will help you lay expectations and routines for baby...creating sanity for everyone! 

This episode is just a 12 minute segment from a one hour interview with Dr. Janet West, Pediatrician (RVA Baby), that you'll get IN the Newborn Course! We answered questions like: What is the difference between gas drops and gripe water? What is gripe water?! How can I know if my baby has reflux? Can you overdose on saline spray?! Can I bring my baby to the beach?

Ready to get started with Little Z's Online Newborn Course?! Learn more here!!

Here are Dr. West's tips to find a Pediatrician:

1) American Academy of Pediatrics- find a board certified doctor

2) Understand that your relationship with your Pediatrician is more than a service, it's a personal relationship. "It's like shopping for a mate! When you're in distress, you want someone who can be there to support you." 

3) Make sure the doctor office is available for visits!!

4) Doesn't just have to be a Pediatrician- can be a Family Physician you have a great relationship too!

5) Consider your needs: are you high needs? Do you need someone to answer your questions all the time? 

6) Two ways to go with finding a practice: Large Practice with weekend and extended hours vs. Small Practice. Pros and cons to both! 

Going with a Large Practice? Ask these questions:

  • How often do I find my primary care doctor? 
  • Will I see them for every well visit?
  • When I call- do you have a nurse available for questions right away? Is my doctor available if I need to talk with them?
  • How fast will you get back with me? 2 hours? 24 hours?
  • When I call at night- who will I speak to? 
  • Will there be a nurse to answer my questions to decide if I should bring my baby in to the doctor? 
  • When you visit the practice, are there a lot of families there?

"A good physician wants to partner with you."

Going with a Small Practice? Ask these questions:

  • Are there weekend hours or extended hours?
  • Is there a nurse line service who I can talk to when I call to ask questions?
  • Where will you send me after hours?

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Stepping out of my own head today and breaking down what a sleep prop is, when they are useful, and when we need to think about ditching them. 

Sleep Prop Breakdown By Age: 

Newborns- pacifiers, swaddles, rocking, bouncing...anything! These sleep props are so needed because newborns cannot self-soothe. But we do need to use them correctly! Check out Sleep From The Start: Online Newborn Course to learn ALL about newborn sleep!

Baby- around 4 months old your baby can learn self-soothing strategies so we need to begin the prop elimination! White noise, darkness, sleep sacks, thumb-sucking, or anything THEY control!

Toddler-  stuffed animals, blankets, even family photos are great sleep props for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Ready to ditch the sleep props and teach your child to sleep independently? Let's get started! 

>>I have a baby!

>>I have a toddler!


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A pause from strategies and plans, and simply talking with a mom about soaking up the newborn phase. 

Today I'm chatting with Rachel Camfield, wife to Brian and mom to Barnes (4 months). I've been following Rachel on Instagram and have so enjoyed watching her soak up all things newborn. I wanted to have her share her story about how she consciously chooses to be present and live in the moment (something that I had a lot of trouble doing!). 

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Episode 8 is all about toddlers!

  • Wondering when to move your child to a big bed?
  • Thinking of just converting the crib to toddler bed? 
  • Trying to keep your child IN their bed?!

Becca outlines exactly how to set up the move for your child, shares strategies and methods to help your child sleep in their own bed, and gives you her Bedtime Expectation Cards to successfully teach your child to stay in bed!!

-See Becca's room set up for her daughter here (Bed + Mattress)

-Download Bedtime Expectation Cards here

Tell Becca how it's going! Share on Instagram or Email your success stories! 

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  • Have you ever started your car to find the “Check Engine” light glaring at you?
  • Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized your perfect haircut last month has all but grown away and disappeared?
  • Have you ever stepped on the scale in amazement at what skipping the gym for two months accomplished!

Well I’m coming clean…nothing is perfect! I caught myself thinking how I must have the perfect sleeper, the perfect business, the perfect response… but that just isn’t true. 

We are all human, which means that we will have restless nights, challenges at work, and bumps in the road at some point in life. But the good news is there are places and people you can turn to for help along the way!

Because of developments and progressions, your perfect little sleeper will encounter some sleep regressions. I am all too familiar with them, and I want to share with you some tips, tricks, and solutions to tackle those normal setbacks.

Become a client and you have a lifelong invitation to join my VIP Sleep Club where you have access to a private monthly phone call, resources, and an encouraging community of parents just like you!


You ask, I answer! You all are so engaged with me on Instagram, and asking some GREAT questions! So here's a bonus episode detailing out these Q's:

1) What is it like to work with a sleep consultant? Let me share with you what I look for and how I get a family started. 

2) What else can I do besides using a timer to get my toddler ready for bed and wind them down? I always say there is no one magic solution, but let me give you a few things to think about.

3) How do I wean off the pacifier? It's simple...let me tell you!

LENGTH: 7 minutes



Is your child's bedtime routine taking an hour or more each night? "One more book!" "Potty!" "More hugs!" "One more ____!"

The bedtime stalling game is just that...a game!! Let me give you the winning move with this simple little tool that will completely change your bedtime routine while letting your child win!

My favorite way to combat the bedtime stalling game is a timer! Yep, and not just ANY timer but the Time Timer.

Using the Time Timer as a way to teach your child time management but also entice them to bed WHILE enjoying the routine takes the stress out of bedtime! 

In this episode Becca lays out your plan of how to use the timer for each portion of the bedtime routine, and specifically details WHY this timer works! (No longer YOU saying, "Time for bed!") 

Hello, World!


So you've worked so hard to create a GREAT sleeper! Now it's time to enjoy the many benefits of your new normal!! When you have a child who sleeps well you don’t need to be bound by bedtime every night. Life is flexible, and bedtime can be too!

If you need more date nights but feel anxious with how to handle this, listen to Becca break down your two options (and her favorite: living a double life!) You can break free of those boring nights and get out! (In fact, I encourage you to!)

While having a child definitely changes things, you CAN get back to enjoying parts of your life pre-kid. It's time to take control of your new normal, celebrate the fact that bending the rules is okay, and know that making adjustments in their bedtime every now and then is okay!

Listen to what Becca has to to say about rigid schedules and routines, and how you can break free of the bedtime machine, in moderation of course!

Product Mentions: 

Travel Blackout Blinds

Travel Sound Machine

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This episode is all about answering a few of those “Sticky Questions” I am always asked. But let me ask you one first…

  • Why are parents so quick to comfort their child when crying, yet they themselves are willing to go so long with uncomfortable, sleepless nights?
  • How long is too long for a child to cry?
  • How long is too long for a parent to finally cry out for help? 


Join me as I share with you my sleep philosophy that has helped hundreds of families resolve those exhausting sleep habits.

Two of the most common questions parents are either embarrassed or nervous to ask are:

#1 - Will you be telling me to do Cry It Out? 

Let me explain to you what this really means, what some pediatricians have said about it, and my philosophy on crying when working with families. 

#2 - How long should my baby be crying?

Have your pen and paper ready… I’m about to give you the magic number! Just kidding. I explain how you should sleep train with a plan and purpose, not a magic number. There is also power in accountability, and I will share with you a personal experience on this. In this episode I talk about one of my newest and most popular ways to work with families: Virtual Group Coaching. Join the next group and Get Sleep Now!

My Motto: A baby who is well rested is happier, healthier, and eager to explore the world around them.


Connect with me on instagram @littlezsleep, my favorite place to talk with families, and let me know you listened to this episode by sending me a message stating your ultimate goal for your child's sleep!

I will personally message you back! Let’s get some accountability!


This episode will help set you free! Free from what you might wonder? Well just when you think you’ve figured out the newborn phase and settled into a new normal, everything changes! Your child will now only go to sleep in your arms, becomes way more dependent on you, and you are more exhausted than ever!

Welcome to the 4-Month regression. Yes, it’s a thing! Moms of newborns are anxious about it, and moms of 8-month olds are wondering why in the world things are getting worse when they should be getting better

In this episode I will talk about this 4-month regression and how it is really a progression! Baby has reached some milestones, and it is time to arm yourself with the tools on how to deal with it.

I will also give you some action steps to help you gain that sleep independence.


#1: Get out of the swaddle, Get into a SleepSack.

Your baby can’t learn to self-soothe when rolled up like a little burrito. It’s time to transition out of a swaddle and into a SleepSack. Which SleepSack? I have you covered.. grab my SleepSack guide at littlezsleep.com/sleepsack


#2: Naps On-The-Go must GO!

When was the last time you slept in the car and woke up feeling wonderful and refreshed? Um..Never!  At 4-months old baby loses the ability to transition out of a car and into a crib. Let me give you some tips to make sure you won’t be a prisoner of your own home while still being able to get great naps.


#3: Beware, or “Be-Aware” of Awake Times

Finding that sweet spot on how long to stay awake and when to take a nap is hard, and too many people miss the mark! Let me give you some helpful guidelines on awake times at this age. If you keep your baby awake until they ‘crash’, it will only crash YOUR night!


Bonus #4: Get Dad involved

The amount of time mom spends with baby is often disproportional to dad. Lets face it.. only mom can nurse, and there is something about a mom’s touch… It’s time for TEAM MOM AND DAD. Let me share with you the two best places to get Dad involved in the bedtime routine, and why Dads are often better at this one particular thing than moms are!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

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Hello, World!


You might be wondering how my clients feel about me exposing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see…  

You are probably asking…

-What if I become a client? Will she share about me? 

-Isn’t the client-consultant relationship special? Private? Confidential?!?!

But would you believe it is my CLIENTS who are now sharing with everyone their mischievous ways!! Why? Because they know what a BIG difference coming clean made to their sleep story, and they want everyone to know it!

These 10 simple things they thought were ‘no big deal’ for me to know about ended up becoming (in many cases) the BIGGEST barrier to resolving those exhausting sleep habits.