14 At-Home Date Night Ideas

All Ages

Feb 3, 2021

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day looks a lot different when you have a newborn, or 2 under 2 or just a house full of little people! But when sleep is a thing and you know your children will fall asleep independently within 10 minutes every night you can enjoy an in-home date night any time!

While these ideas are great for at home Valentine’s Day ideas – they are really a great way to just stop and have fun with your partner any night of the year!

We love hearing stories of Little Z’s families who complete our sleep courses and then have time in the evenings together! It’s seriously the best win!!

To help you get creative and not just flip on Netflix night after night we’re putting together some romantic date night IN ideas you can try!

We asked our Little Z’s Families for some of their favorite ideas and I LOVE what they came up with! Which one is your favorite?

Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

  1. Dinner + Conversation Deck on the back porch with a blanket
  2. Dinner + Lego building set
  3. Crab legs + Champagne (from Costco!)
  4. Card games, and set what the winner gets before starting! (We hear asking for a foot massage is a great idea!!)
  5. Mexican dominos + margaritas (who doesn’t love a good theme night?!)
  6. Coffee and a mystery podcast
  7. Tabletop escape room games
  8. Virtual magician show by The Magician Online
  9. Take & Bake pizza + reading books together in bed
  10. A murder mystery with Hunt A Killer box
  11. Order takeout and put on an old movie (good, bad, or super cheesy!)
  12. Buy a homemade pasta roller and get good at making your own pasta! (it’s a 2 person job!)
  13. Order dessert and create a YouTube playlist of some of your favorite music videos or live concerts
  14. Take an online cooking class and prepare a meal together


No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any date night this season, these stay-at-home date night ideas are perfect for you and your partner!

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14 out of the box date night ideas for staying in- Little Z Sleep Consulting


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