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Little Z's is indeed the most comprehensive yet SIMPLE system for navigating sleep training!
I loved how all materials were easy to follow.
Our daughter is now sleeping through the night and getting a CONSISTENT 11.5-12 HOURS each night!


I'm Becca Campbell, a mom of two elementary aged daughters who sleep 11 hours every single night. I spend every evening after dinner with my husband (and business partner), Chad, and enjoy going on monthly date nights! I start every morning just the way I like it: quiet time, coffee, and calm.

Before I began this consulting journey that has helped thousands of families resolve exhausting sleep habits, I was an Elementary teacher. Then I had my first daughter and it's no exaggeration that everything changed. I would leave work, pick up my daughter, try to spend time with her, attempt to get her to down for bed and wake up every other hour all night long...

I read books and blogs and tried so many different approaches just to stop the screaming and help my daughter sleep. After waking up one night with my daughter in my bed and not remembering how she got there, I realized something had to change QUICK.

Maybe like you, I sat down on Google and searched for answers. This led me to discovering  Sleep Consultants that could help you!!! I ended up working with a sleep consultant who helped guide me through a plan and answered my questions along the way. Since 2015 I now do this everyday for families just like you!


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Keep sleep a thing on vacation with the Little Z's Travel Guide!