Your Action Plan: For Sickness & Sleep


Feb 8, 2017


Here in Virginia the high today is in the sweet 70s. Tomorrow? It’s not supposed to break 42 degrees.

Like, WHAT?!

I know for a fact this will mean a bunch of kiddos will come down with runny noses, coughs, or even just feel miserable.

The worst part about all of this is that when our kids get sick their sleep sometimes gets disrupted.

So if your fantastic sleeper gets sick…they might have a few bumps in the night.

Take a deep breath…I’m here to help!

I’ve got a post up on Richmond Moms Blog to help guide you through this tough time.

Check it out here! 

And if you have specific questions about how to re-adjust your little ones sleep post sickness, don’t hesitate to let me know. Once they learn a new “normal” (even if for a night or two) it can be hard to get back on track.

Sweet (and healthy!) dreams,
Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant


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