Episode #7: What Just Happened?! (Sleep Regressions Are Real!)


Mar 29, 2018

Episode #7 – What Just Happened?

  • Have you ever started your car to find the “Check Engine” light glaring at you?

  • Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized your perfect haircut last month has all but grown away and disappeared?

  • Have you ever stepped on the scale in amazement at what skipping the gym for two months accomplished!

Well I’m coming clean…nothing is perfect! I caught myself thinking how I must have the perfect sleeper, the perfect business, the perfect response… but that just isn’t true. 

We are all human, which means that we will have restless nights, challenges at work, and bumps in the road at some point in life. But the good news is there are places and people you can turn to for help along the way!

Because of developments and progressions, your perfect little sleeper will encounter some sleep regressions. I am all too familiar with them, and I want to share with you some tips, tricks, and solutions to tackle those normal setbacks.


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