Episode #15: Travel Tips- How We Maintained 12 Hours of Sleep On Vacation…With Toddlers


Jun 2, 2018

I often get people telling me they think about me their entire vacation…ha! Sleep can be totally thrown off when your child is in a new environment, but you don’t have to sacrifice great sleep! 

On Episode 15 Becca and her husband Chad walk through what their vacation was REALLY like with their 3 and 2 year old! 

We cover:

-HOW bedtime routine shifted

-WHAT obstacles stood in the way for Night 1 & 2

-WHEN you should get your kid to sleep after a long day

-HOW to prepare your kids for a hotel stay

-WHY sleep cues are important! 

If you’re headed out with your great sleeper on vacation this summer, listen in and feel free to copy everything we did!! 

If you’re totally astonished that 12 hours of sleep is even possible…let’s talk!!!You really can go on vacation and have a great night sleep! 



-Travel Blackout Blinds

-How to use foil to blackout windows

-Follow on Instagram for more tips

-Favorite travel essentials for toddlers


Music by Chad Campbell

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