Travel Checklist For Your Child


Nov 13, 2019


Have you ever set out on the road ahead of a long travel day, feeling confident that you remembered to pack everything you will need? Then you get to your destination, start unpacking and realize you forgot something?  (usually plural, in my case 😜)

Or maybe you’re always cursed with that feeling of, “I know I’m forgetting something. What is it?!

Be it a big or small something, there’s usually always something missing. After all, you feel like the whole house is packed up for your kid!!

Typically, if it’s a smaller item for myself or my husband – no big deal. We’ll go for a quick and easy Target run! But when you’re traveling with a little human who’s sleep and well-being requires all the things, forgetting something may be quite distressing. Or costly. Like that one time I forgot my daughter’s white noise machine and had to buy another one so her great sleep would continue while we were on vacation. Ugh – goodbye, $50!

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll want to have our carefully created Packing List on hand so you don’t forget anything this travel season!

Below you’ll find TWO checklists you can easily download and print out to get ready for your family’s trip – with extra space for writing down things that are unique to you! 

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Wishing your family safe travels this holiday season,
Kate Morse, Pediatric RN, BSN



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