Episode #84: The Science Behind Sleep


Nov 14, 2019

Years ago, people believed when you slept your whole body shutdown. But when sleep studies became a thing in the 60s/70s, we started learning quite the opposite!! Your brain actually is totally active during your sleep, and doing a lot of work to keep you healthy! In this episode Becca talks with Krystine who works at a sleep study lab in Oregon (and has taken our Sleep E-Coaching Programs!). We go through the science behind our sleep, what happens when we cycle in and out of sleep cycles, what sleep apnea is, why snoring isn’t normal, and why we would certainly die if we didn’t sleep.

Krystine cites many of her facts from The Fundamentals of Sleep Technology.

Want to read more about sleep? Becca highly recommends The Promise of Sleep by Dr. William Dement, who founded The National Sleep Foundation.


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