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Tracking Your Baby’s Sleep, Poop & Feeds with Talli Baby


Feb 18, 2021

It was 10pm one night and Lauren was holding her screaming baby. She was so tired she couldn’t remember the last time her baby ate, had a poop or took a nap. In desperation she sent her husband to Target. Surely if there is a button that brings food to your house (thanks Door Dash!), there MUST be a device (that isn’t a phone!) to track baby’s day to day activity. He came home empty handed, and that’s when Lauren and her husband started building their own one-touch logger…Talli Baby was born!

In this episode Lauren Longo, creator of Talli Baby, shares why it was important to build a device that doesn’t depend on having your phone nearby, how it brings peace of mind to families and why using a tracker like Talli is helpful to families with multiple caretakers.

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