Sleep & Summer Heat

Ya'll, it's HOT out there. 

This last week temperatures were reaching an all time high here in Richmond. For two days straight the thermometer registered 105, meaning it was movies, libraries and Popsicles that kept us alive. 

When it’s so hot outside we do our best to keep our homes cool. During this time I receive lots of questions about what type of pajamas a child should wear and what temperature to keep the baby’s room. Great questions! 

To give you a general rule of thumb around pajamas and ideal temperature, I’ve create a little graphic to help guide you. While the type of pajamas change as your child ages, the ideal temperature doesn't! 

Newborns aren't able to regulate their body temperature, so it's important we keep them nice and snug. Remember how cozy they were for 9 months? They still crave that same feeling! For the FULL scoop on newborn babies and how to help them sleep well, check out my Newborn Sleep Course.

Once your child hits 4 months old you'll likely be outfitting them in footed pajamas. That's totally fine! This plus a light sleep sack will help keep them comfortable during the summer months. Check out these muslin sleep sacks for a summer option. 

By full on toddler you'll be tempted to toss the sleep sack. Wait! This is the ideal time to keep it on! Your toddler will likely try to climb the crib and their sleep sack will ensure they stay put. BOOM. While you're trading footed pajamas for two piece sets, you also might be adding a blanket to your child's crib. Since you're keeping the room between 68-72º F they should still be nice and cozy. 

Happy Summer, ya'll!

May your days be fun and your dreams be sweet.

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant 

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