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Jul 20, 2023

As the sun is scorching down and temperatures soar, ensuring your baby gets a peaceful night’s sleep in the summer months becomes a top priority. Dressing your baby appropriately for bedtime can be a bit of a puzzle, especially when trying to strike the perfect balance between comfort and safety.

With the sweltering heat outside and the need to keep your little one cozy at night, it’s essential to curate a summer sleep wardrobe that will help your baby doze off with ease. In this blog, I’ll share practical advice on how to dress your baby for sleep in the summer, ensuring sleep is still a thing on those warm nights!

Ideal Room Temperature

Similarly to the cold weather sleep sack information, we need to understand TOG ratings for sleep sacks and ideal bedroom temperature first. Then we can make informed decisions for your children!

Ideally, maintain the room temperature between 68°F to 72°F (20°C to 22°C).

Use a room thermometer to monitor the conditions and adjust the layers as necessary to ensure your baby doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Personally, I prefer a bit chillier at 67…but that’s my intensely nit-picky sleep preferences!

When it’s so hot outside we do our best to keep our homes cool. If you’re not into cranking up the entire A/C system, you could consider a tower fan in your child’s room to maintain air flow and cool temperatures.

TOG Ratings

Use this chart below from SlumberSac to best understand how to dress your baby for sleep in summer. TOG, which stands for “thermal overall grade”

The higher the TOG the warmer the sleep sack is.

The clothing in the chart is a recommendation of what to wear UNDER the sleep sack with the correct TOG description of sleep sack to wear on top of the layers.

Read the temperatures at the top from the thermometer in your child’s room and dress appropriately. The temperatures shows represent what the ROOM temperature might be. If you are unable to cool your child’s room, you’ll note less clothing for sleep.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

When choosing sleepwear for your baby during the summer, prioritize fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Natural fabrics like cotton are excellent choices as they allow air circulation, preventing your little one from getting too hot and sweaty during the night. Avoid synthetic materials, which can trap heat and lead to discomfort.

Additionally, consider investing in sleepwear with moisture-wicking properties to keep your baby’s skin dry and cool throughout the night. Products like Woolino products are a LZS Family favorite as they help to regulate a child’s temperature no matter the weather!

To avoid overheating, opt for loose-fitting sleepwear that allows your baby’s skin to breathe. Tight clothes can restrict airflow and lead to unnecessary discomfort during hot summer nights.

Finally, choose sleepwear with gentle elastic at the waist and cuffs to ensure a comfortable fit without constricting your baby’s movements.

Stay Hydrated

Children can get dehydrated quickly, especially during hot weather. If your child is old enough to drink water (usually around six months or as advised by your pediatrician), offer sips of water during the day and before bedtime. A well-hydrated baby is more likely to sleep comfortably through the night.

Summer Sleep Sacks By Age

Newborns aren’t able to regulate their body temperature, so it’s important we keep them nice and snug in a swaddle. Remember how cozy they were for 9 months? They still crave that same feeling! For the FULL scoop on newborn babies and how to help them sleep well, check out my Newborn Sleep Course.

Once your child hits 12 weeks old they will be out of the swaddle and into a sleep sack (or just footed pajamas!).

Up until 3 years old your child is welcome to wear pajamas and a sleep sack. If you’re looking for toddler sized sleep sacks, check out this blog post here!

Looking to get something with Prime shipping? I’ve put together my top five Amazon favorites for summer sleep sacks that are .5-1 TOG on my Amazon storefront for you.


Is My Child Waking Because They Are Too Hot?

In the summer months it is very easy to think night-wakings are triggered by the heat. Sometimes it can be! If your child’s room cannot be cooled easily, then it’s possible they are waking because they are uncomfortable. I know I don’t sleep well when I’m overheated!

However, if your child’s room is 68-72º F (20-22º C), they are dressed comfortably and still waking up all night…we can help! Inside my 4 Steps To Solve Your Baby’s Nightwakings Course you’ll get my FREE guide to help you understand why your baby is waking up all night long.

Combine everything you’ve learned here today and grab the free course to start making sleep a thing tonight!


With the summer’s scorching temperatures in full swing, dressing your baby for sleep requires careful consideration. Take these steps to make sure sleep is still a thing while the temps rise!

  1. Choosing breathable fabrics, embracing loose-fitting garments, and layering appropriately will help keep your little one cool and comfortable.
  2. Remember to maintain a suitable room temperature
  3. Be mindful of the TOG rating for your child’s sleep sack
  4. Keep in mind your child’s overall hydration and provide water throughout the day (if 6 months+)

By following these practical tips, you can ensure your baby sleeps well and stays cool all night!

how to dress baby in summer


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