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Sleep Sacks For Toddlers


Aug 7, 2019


A few weeks ago someone asked me on Instagram to share sleep sacks that fit 12months+…and I instantly knew we had to share the findings!! In case youā€™re wondering WHY a toddler might need a sleep sack, Iā€™ve got some of answers for ya!!!

  • Great solution for a toddler who cannot keep a blanket on themselves (especially when their room tends to get chilly!)

  • The zipper becomes a fantastic sleep cue! As soon as you ziiiiiiiiip it up, youā€™ll note they start rubbing their eyes! I especially love this for naps, which can become notoriously difficult around 18-24 months where they fight nap, but still very much need one!

  • Can help them stay IN the crib, and not climb out!

If youā€™re in the market for a Toddler sized sleep sack, take a look at these options below broken down by budget!


Halo Sleep Sack Early Walkers

Halo Sleep Sack Big Kids

Burtā€™s Bees Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

MiliMili Wearable Blanket

Love to Dream Sleep Suit

Woolino Wearable Blanket

Bitta Kidda Sleep Sack

  • 3-24 Months

  • 100% cotton

  • Built in lovies (donā€™t get lost!)

  • Inside snaps to not get tangled

  • On Amazon from $30

These are just SOME of the many options available out there, so weā€™d love to know what sleep sack your toddler usesā€¦and what they think!

Of course the sleep sack is just ONE part of the sleep puzzle. Thereā€™s nothing about a sleep sack that will give your child a magical night of sleep! Itā€™s all about the habits, expectations and confidence your toddler has in sleeping independently. If your toddler is looking for you to hold, rock, pat or cuddle them to sleepā€¦or waking throughout the night demanding a bottle or coming to your bedā€¦itā€™s time to solve these habits once and for all! Check out our Toddler Sleep E-Coaching Program to create a connecting bedtime routine, blissful night of sleep, and consistent midday nap! >>Learn more here!

Sweet Dreams,
Becca Campbell
Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant


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