Spring Playtime Activities For Baby

4-16 months

Apr 1, 2020

Thank goodness the weather is starting to warm up while we are all quarantined at home. If you’re looking for new activities to do with your baby around the house, these activities that Hannah from Baby Play Hacks shared with us are so much fun! A few weeks ago Hannah shared these ideas on our Podcast, and if you haven’t already checked out Hannah’s app: Baby Play Hacks, it’s amazing!!! A great way to give new ideas for at-home play with baby during these long months of being at home.

Kate Morse, my assistant here at Little Z’s helped me put this blog together for you all with her 13 month old daughter, Ella! Try out these activities below, tag us on Instagram and comment below with what else your baby loves to do!

Baby Play Ideas
for Ages 0-18 Months

  • Flowers for infants: Pick flowers of different shapes and colors, tie with string onto baby’s play gym, visual interest for baby, move flowers around so baby will have to turn and look, tummy time for baby to look up at flowers!
  • Flowers for older babies: Fill a baking pan with water, place flowers in the pan and let them float around, baby can splash water, watch the flowers move around, natural materials + symmetry, bright colors!
  • Babies that are sitting up: unused sponges, dip into water, put onto low window/door/mirror, let baby lean forward and pull them off and put them back up, dish of water to practice dipping sponge into water.
  • Older babies/toddlers: include them in caring for plants/garden, get water jug or spray bottle and teach them about daily care for plant  s, spend time in garden and talk about why plants need water, practice pouring water!

Stay safe, have fun and show us on Instagram how you’re keeping your littles busy at home!

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