Episode #44: How To Know If You’re Ready To Sleep Train


Jan 4, 2019

So you have a sleepless child, but your’e hesitating about making change. It’s okay! I get it! Over the years I’ve talked with so many families who are READY…and many families who want to make change, but aren’t ready to commit. I’m sharing 3 ways you know you’re ready to GET STARTED and make lasting change.


  • NEWBORN- no sleep training! It’s time to lay the foundation for great sleep with my Newborn Course.

  • 4 -5MONTHS- Time to teach baby to self-soothe, and narrow it down to 1 good night feed…eat eat eat during the day!! We also want to establish a great napping routine for baby.

  • 6 MONTHS + – Let’s sleep all night!! We need to teach baby that sleep IS a thing, and they are in control! At 6 months we are working towards a solid nap schedule.

  • TODDLER + – It’s never too late to make great sleep! Yes it gets harder as the child ages, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! We’re aiming for 10-12 hours of night sleep and (if under 3 years) a nice mid-day nap. The key? Sleep should be stress-free!!




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