Best Toys For Preschoolers (and why play goes with sleep!)


Jul 24, 2019


One Saturday morning Chad and I found ourselves staring at the toy closet with our girls thinking…if I don’t want to play with this stuff, why would they?! All of the sudden we found ourselves in need of games and age appropriate toys!

Play at this age transforms into such a unique opportunity for them to get ready for school, learn team building, taking turns, and learning!!! As I’ve learned from Carly of WeeTalkers, it’s not about pushing learning on a child, but interacting with them in playful ways that teaches them life skills and beyond! 

Our girls, 3 & 4 years old, LOVE to play together in our living room. While most things that capture their attention happen to have a ba-zillion pieces to them, I absolutely love seeing them interact with a toy in a way I never even thought (turning picasso tiles into a train ramp!). So to me, buying a few new games for them is not only a one way street. I have full confidence they’ll end up using pieces and parts to play other games…and soon it’ll be time to organize 😆. A few weeks ago I took to Instagram to hear all your thoughts on Preschool aged toys. And share some of our faves already!!! Here’s a list, and share with us in the comments what games your preschooler loves!

Picasso Tiles

Connect Four

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Doll Dress Up

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel


Don’t Break The Ice

Feed The Woozle

Pop The Pig

Hi Ho Cheerio


Guess Who

Memory Cards

Little People Home

Tegu Blocks

What about your family? What are some games and toys the 3-5 year olds in your life absolutely love playing with?!

Wondering what play and sleep have in common? LOTS!!!! I share with parents all the time how incorporating PLAY in a bedtime routine is key. Here’s how…

  1. Your child needs 1:1 time with you to get in bed and feel confident to sleep independently. Tonight before bedtime, ask your child to pick out one game to play after bath time. Once they’re all dried off, PJs on, teeth brushed…go play!!! Set a timer for 10 minutes and enjoy this 1:1 fun together!! 

  2. Download my Bedtime Expectation Cards. Now that they’ve been able to PLAY with you, laugh, talk and emotionally have their “bucket filled”…it’s time to get into bed. These visual cue-cards can help your toddler understand what’s expected of them once it’s time to get in bed. 

Cheers to play AND a great night of sleep to follow!

Sweet Dreams,
Becca Campbell
Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant 



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