Episode #5: Bending The Rules To Enjoy A Night Out


Mar 15, 2018

So you’ve worked so hard to create a GREAT sleeper! Now it’s time to enjoy the many benefits of your new normal!! When you have a child who sleeps well you don’t need to be bound by bedtime everynight. Life is flexible, and bedtime can be too!

If you need more date nights but feel anxious with how to handle this, listen to Becca break down your two options (and her favorite: living a double life!) You can break free of those boring nights and get out! (In fact, I encourage you to!)

While having a child definitely changes things, you CAN get back to enjoying parts of your life pre-kid. It’s time to take control of your new normal, celebrate the fact that bending the rules is okay, and know that making adjustments in their bedtime every now and then is okay!

Listen to what Becca has to to say about rigid schedules and routines, and how you can break free of the bedtime machine, in moderation of course!

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