What You Actually Need On Your Baby Registry

0-15 weeks

Oct 1, 2020

If you have been building a baby registry you know there are SO many products out there! You may feel like you just don’t know what you should do, but I’ve got you covered. We are going to make the perfect baby registry list for you! I’m going to tell you what you ACTUALLY need.

Years ago when I was building my baby registry for the girls I poured through every genre of list possible. I thought I would be a minimalist mom, then I thought I would be the wooden-toy-only mom, or the gotta-have-it-all-mom…. and as it turns out, I became the sleep expert mom!!

Now I’m here to share what you ACTUALLY need, and what you can leave behind. SEE ALL PRODUCTS ON MY KIT

*All links shared are Amazon affilate links which means I get a small kick back if you decide to purchase from my link!*


  • Pampers Baby Dry are the best overnight diaper brand I’ve found. While your baby won’t be sleeping 11-12 hours straight until 4-6 months, these are great to register for now. Make sure you register for sizes 1-3.
  • Pampers Swaddlers are wonderful newborn diapering solutions. Register for size 1 only, as you really don’t know if you’ll need the newborn size at all!
  • Baby wipes of any kind and shape….whatever brand you like! (I have a soft spot for the Target cucumber scent)
  • Changing pads that are wipeable and even double as a scale are pretty great! Remember to keep these on the floor for the most safe option for baby.
  • Changing pad liners were perfect to stash in my diaper bag when i needed something to confidently lay baby down on. And let’s be honest, it also doubled as a burp cloth!
  • On the go diaper caddy’s for your car are a great option if you’re mobile often.
  • Diaper caddy’s to keep around the house are also key as you’ll want a diaper and wipes quickly at hand!


  • Our Newborn Course is a great add to your baby registry!!! This will give you the confidence on HOW to use all the tools shared here, and of course create a gift of sleep from day 1.
  • A bassinet is a great option for the early weeks or months, and the Fisher Price Swaying Bassinet is my favorite! Halo Bassinest is also a close second.
  • You’ll be using the crib for 3 years, and then after that- go straight to a twin or full! So no need to get the “6-in-1” solutions. I love the look of the Babyletto crib personally!
  • When it comes to mattresses you go organic or another name brand…whatever your preference is!
  • Choose your favorite printed or solid fitted sheet but absolutely NO BUMPERS OR LOOSE BEDDING!
  • A pack n play will be a highly used item for the first several years, so register for the 4Moms Pack N Play that makes for easy set up and lasts through toddler-hood.
  • If you know you’ll be an on-the-go family, a SlumberPod (to be used 4 months+) cannot be left out of the registry! Share code LITTLEZSLEEP to save 5%!
  • Incase you’re new to me, here’s why I am NOT a Dock-A-Tot fan and never suggest you get this.


  • Halo Sleep Sack & Swaddle combo can be used for the long haul and I personally think make the transition from swaddle to arms free very easy.
  • My girls did great in the Swaddle Me! The velcro was a game changer for the middle of the night feeding sessions!
  • Love To Dream and Ollie are also great options for swaddles.
  • Swaddle blankets really aren’t the best solution for actually swaddling as they can become loose. But you’ll love these for nursing covers, playtime, burp cloths and more. We still use them 6 years later for travel!



  • Every baby is unique when it comes to the type of pacifier they enjoy. It’s best to register for a bunch and see what works best!
  • TommeeTippee 
  • NUK
  • Phillips Avent



Obviously this doesn’t cover EVERY part of the baby registry, but for sleep and basic essentials- I got you!!!


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