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Jul 3, 2019


There’s not a day that goes by that I’m increasingly grateful that I’m able to work from home. And even more, thankful that Chad and I get to do this together! In our 1.5 years of working this business together, and 4 years total of being a work from home mom, I’ve learned a LOT. Honestly, it hasn’t been until a year ago that we developed a daily consistent routine. This didn’t come natural to me as I’m much more of a go-with-the-flow person who would just like to work on ALLTHETHINGS that pop in my head! However, managing a consistent outline of our day has really helped our business thrive! 

With that being said, we’re currently in a hard season where school is out for the girls (3 years and 4 years) and summer camps are sporadic. So our daily schedule isn’t exactly like this every day, and we’re learning to cope with that 😆


I wake for the day, and take 5-10 minutes laying in bed to breathe, say a prayer of thanks for the day, and let my mind wonder. Then I get up, put workout clothes on and go downstairs to drink my coffee and read the Bible. 


About a month ago Chad and I started working out at home using Beach Body On Demand. Now that we’ve switched the girls to a 7:30AM wake (read that here!) we’re able to work-out before we get them! 


The girls clock turns pink which means it’s morning time! Chad goes to get ready for the day and I go to their room, choose outfit choices (always 3 options, ha!!) and fix their hair. THIS was a game changer- getting them fully ready before leaving their room! Makes the mornings a little less chaotic. 


Breakfast time! I offer them a few choices and fix their plates, then mine. After I’m finished I’ll go get ready for the day!


This is usually the time Chad brings the girls to preschool and I head to our home office to review emails at the standing desk. I’ll also check in on social media and start anything that’s on schedule for the day (share wins, Q&A, etc!). This quiet time is so valuable to me to kick-start the day!


…However, sometimes I love being a part of bringing the girls to school. Or, Chad will have a meeting church in the AM and I’m on carpool! The girls go to school Monday through Friday for 4-5 hours (can pay a little extra for that final 5th hour! 🙌). Our oldest starts Kindergarten in the fall…so our AMs will probably look a bit different come September!


This is what Chad calls my “Tiger Time” (a nod to Amy Porterfield!)…it’s my solid work time that I’m not allowed to schedule anything else!! It’s my call block time for the morning. I schedule a series of 15 minute follow up calls with all my personal coaching clients to check in, review their sleep log, offer strategies, answer questions and celebrate success. On a normal week I have between 20-30 phone calls, so it’s also important for me to take notes on what’s happening. Over the course of one day I’ll speak to families starting their Sleep E-Coaching program or finishing their 2 weeks and talking about upcoming travels! In my line of work there is a steady stream of people on all parts of the journey, and that’s always exciting for me. It’s also a fun way to share with clients about the call before them…offering the encouragement of where they are now just a few weeks later! But it’s not always sunshine around here! There are also many phone calls during the week that I know will be hard. Before all calls I spend time evaluating their sleep log and making notes of what to tweak. When I can tell from the log that the parents are not being consistent, I remind myself THIS IS WHY THEY HIRED ME! I’m their coach. So yes, there are many phone calls where I have to lovingly call out the fact that our plan isn’t being followed. But that’s why they hired me. I’m not here to fill you with fluff…we’re making change! 

Between calls I’ll pop into Instagram, answer emails, create our graphics for upcoming blogs + podcasts, or take a breath!! Usually between 11AM-12PM I’ll take a 30 minute break with Chad and we’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood WITHOUT my phone. If I don’t have a phone call after our walk it’s noramlly the time I’ll convince him to take me to Chipotle or we’ll make a quick lunch at home together. 

Then…the girls are back!


Depending on the day I’ll have a second block of phone calls, or Chad and I will play a game of work-tag. It’s not exactly ideal, but again…at this stage, we do what we need to do! Either he or I will have a task we need to complete and we’ll take turns being with the girls for the other to work. Then, switch. During the school year I’ll either make an afternoon playdate to give him focus time, or he’ll take the girls for an outing if I need to record a Podcast or have a block of calls. In the summer I like to block out a few hours each afternoon for the pool!! We also give the girls 1 hour of iPad time each day. That’s probably another blog post….but we’ve restricted what they can do to Reading Eggs, Endless Reader, PBS Kids app, and Right Now Media. 

5:00 – 7:00PM

If we haven’t gone to a park or pool we may go on a bike ride or play outside before dinner. Then Chad will make one of our Plated dinners (you can try it yourself with this promo!) and we’ll eat around 6/6:15PM. 


Bedtime routine with the girls! Bath/shower, brush teeth, PJs, read books, cuddles and into bed! Yep, that’s right! We skip the playtime that I teach in my Podcast and Courses! Why? Because we’re home with them from 1PM until bedtime, we have PLENTY of play! I love the addition of playtime especially for kids who have been at daycare all day, or who were unable to spend quality time with their Mom or Dad. Our girls would much prefer to read 29348 books instead of play anyways. But we limit it to 2-3 books each night. Also, the clock! Our 4-Step Color System keeps us on track! When the clock turns red we give kisses, say prayers and I sing a song as we leave the room! 

7:30PM – 9:00PM

US TIME! Well…really just “me” time 😆 Chad and I will clean up the kitchen and chat for a bit, and then we prefer to do our own thing until bedtime. I’ll work on a fun project like graphics or blogs while watching Netflix…and he’ll go read for a while upstairs. Around 9PM we’re both headed for bed! 

I used to offer evening phone calls, but I quickly realized that was not the best of me! I didn’t feel like it was fair for my clients to hire me and not get ALL of me. So I have since ended evening calls, except for once a week I have a 7:30PM slot available on Tuesdays. After 5PM I’m pretty much spent! 

Of course during the week we also strive to have specific days alloted for specific needs. Podcast recordings, blog writing, content creating, etc! But I have a personal deillema with this kind of scheduling:

  • The free spirit in me likes to create when I feel inspired…

  • The mom-life reality is a child knocking at my office, “Mom? Can you come play with me?!” *heart melt* …hard to say no!!

  • The work-a-holic in me LOVES working and creating. I often have a hard time stopping!!

  • The co-partner in this business (my husband) is a Type A who keeps me in line and sends me to-do lists…true love, ya’ll.

Working from home looks so different for every person. This is what we are doing now. It may not be what we are doing in 6 months…and that’s okay! So while our day-to-day resembles a consistent flow, I’m currently embracing (or trying to) the reality that is having kids at home with you also want to work. All I can say is…THANK THE LORD for Preschool!

Do you work from home? What’s a strategy you use to stay focused on your tasks?

Share with me!

Sweet Dreams,


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