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The Best White Noise Machine For Baby

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Apr 3, 2020

When preparing for baby, you may have a white noise machine on your list! However, most families have NO idea why they should use a white noise machine for baby’s sleep…let alone, how to use the best white machine out there: The Dohm Classic! In fact, a few years ago I went into the most beautiful custom designed nursery EVER…and the Dohm was wrapped up on a shelf collecting dust. When I asked mom, “Why aren’t you using the Dohm?” She said, “It’s way too soft!” Turns out, mom had no idea you could adjust the volume! A quick lesson on how to use, and we were good to get started on Sleep Training!

When it comes to the types of white noise available for baby, you have TONS of options! Music, true white noise, baby shush-ers, rain machines, and more! The reason I am anti music or stuffed animals equipped with a shhh-er is because it’s on a timer! If you have a sound machine going for your child and it’s on a track, when that track ends, baby will wake up and start crying and looking for whatever it was that helped them fall asleep. I am all about constant white noise without any timers or tracks. So what about music? The same principle applies. When the song ends, it causes baby to wake up.

You want to avoid white noise that could end and wake baby up.

The Yogasleep Machines, formally known as Marpac, are incredible. I personally have been using the Dohm Classic for 5 years and LOVE it! Today, we have 3 demos on our YouTube channel for you; 2 of the Dohm Classics (pink and blue) and the Go machine.

The Dohm Classic sound machine features their signature fan-based natural white noise, which is why I love it. It is not a synthetic sound; it’s an actual motorized fan. The switch is for either high or low and you can rotate the cap and the collar to find the best sound for you. You can use this for your baby’s nursery, your office space, or any type of noisy area. It produces a calming and relaxing sound and is so easy to travel with.

The Yogasleep Go sound machine is rechargeable, which is awesome so you don’t have to keep up with batteries. This product is super versatile; you can keep it on the door handle of a hotel room, or of your own bedroom door, or take it on-the-go. I, personally, keep it on my desk to drown out the noise in the rest of the house while I am working. There are 11 different sounds on this little machine: white noise, ocean, rain-showers, etc. While the Go is marketed for your hotel room, office, nightstands, desk, etc., you could easily use this in the car or stroller. It also has an amber light to make it easy to find in the middle of the night.

We absolutley LOVE the Yogasleep products and are constantly recommending them to our clients. In fact, we’ve been able to meet their marketing staff downtown in Richmond, Virginia! So cool to have a USA company to promote!

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