How to Get in More Photos with Your Children

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Apr 25, 2022

In this guest blog post, we are hosting Anna and Caroline of The Light & Airy Photographer. They are sharing valuable tips for getting IN the photo with your kids instead of standing on the sidelines. You won’t regret capturing these memories with your kids!

Here’s what is missing in most of your photos:

If you’re a mom or dad, you probably have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of your little one on your phone.

It’s one of the biggest blessings of parenting in the 21st century: being able to document every moment without lugging around a camera or paying for film!

But we think there’s likely something missing in many of your photos and videos, and that’s you

We’re Anna and Caroline, owners of The Light & Airy Photographer.

We have been professional photographers for over a decade, and teaching moms to capture their season with littles well has become our passion!

Today, we’re honored to be a guest here to share some tips to help YOU get IN your photos! 

We totally hear you, it’s likely not your instinct to get in your photos, because you’re focused on documenting your kids!

And even if you’d like to be in the photos more, you may not have someone around to snap the pic…

Here’s why we think you make the photo, and why it’s worth the effort to get in it more often:

  1. Moms matter, and you deserve to be represented in your family’s memories! Dare we say, photos are better with you in them, because you are an important part of your family!
  2. Photos offer a moment frozen in time, allowing the viewer to take in the aspects of the story as it unfolded. Your family’s story includes YOU, so it only makes sense for you to be present in the documenting of it! 
  3. You (and your partner and kids) will appreciate seeing you in the photos too! Because, again, you matter!! 

Here’s how to get in the photo, when you often take the photo:

  1. Ask your significant other or a friend!

Have a plan ready in your mind and a spot for the photo picked out… a shaded spot outside or a spot with lots of natural light indoors where you can turn off all artificial lights works best!

Then, show your significant other or friend exactly where they need to stand and what you want the photo to look like before you pass off the camera!

If you have really little kids, it can also be helpful to have an extra friend behind the camera to help bring out the smiles!

The goal is for the photo to feel organic so it’s okay if everyone isn’t smiling perfectly at the camera. Have a tickle fight or sing a silly song to get a candid-looking photo!


Mom posing with children for picture | Little Z Sleep

Mom holding children under beach umbrella | Little Z Sleep

  1. But maybe there’s no one else around? No problem! You can use a tripod with a remote that has bluetooth connection below to set up your own shot and take your own pictures!

These are inexpensive on Amazon and totally worth it if you take a lot of photos! All you have to do is get the shot set up and then jump in the photo too! Just be sure to hold the bluetooth remote somewhere it can be hidden like behind your children, a blanket, or clothing!

Mom on a picnic blanket with toddler son | Little Z Sleep

  1. Never underestimate the power of a good selfie!

Next time you’re wanting a quick pic, but don’t have anyone nearby to snap it… flip that camera around, make sure to clean the front facing lens, then find some nice, even lighting (no dapples or harsh light on your faces)! Be silly and make funny faces with your little people… they’ll love it and you’ll be sure to get some cute ones to save for your photo albums!

Aim to take a BUNCH of photos so you end up with a few favorites of yourself with your kids! You can always delete photos later as you go through them to choose your favorites, so the more the merrier!

Toddler Selfie using Lightroom Presets | Little Z Sleep


Mom Selfie with baby | Little Z Sleep

Bonus Tip from Becca: For more than a year, Becca has been documenting her family weekly with a Sunday Selfie! This is a great way to take consistent family photos, and such a fun way to see the way your family grows and changes! To do this, Becca set a weekly reminder to alert her after church so that she never forgets to take her selfie! 

Becca of Little Z with her family in a selfie | Little Z Sleep

Remember: a put-together outfit, styled hair, and makeup are NOT prerequisites for a good photo. Your photo is great because you and your family are in it and you’ll be so glad you captured the in-between messy moments in the years to come!

If you’d like to continue to learn how to take amazing photos with just your phone, join us @lightandairyphotog for tips, tricks, and tons of inspo photos! You can also learn more about how to edit your photos using our presets and resources on our website here!

And as a bonus for the Little Z family, we’ve created an exclusive discount code on our best selling Lifestyle Mobile Photo Presets! Use code LITTLEZ to take 20% off your order today!  


How to get in the photo as a mom | Little Z Sleep

The beautiful photos are by @twolittletaylors , @jessdworkin , @karleyvehaun , @alexiskristiana, and @beachseakers

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