How to Help Your Newborn Sleep with the Pick Up Put Down Method

How to Help Your Newborn Sleep with the Pick Up Put Down Method

0-15 weeks

Sep 14, 2021

How do you put a newborn to sleep? Shouldn’t they just close their eyes and…go to sleep!? In this video, I’m teaching you the pick up put down method that you can use right now to help your newborn fall asleep.

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I hear from many of my students who are desperate to help their newborns sleep. As a visual person, I want to share my pick up put down method, known as PUPD, in a video with one of our Little Z team member’s new baby!

What is the Pick Up Put Down Method?

Before we actually demonstrate PUPD and show you the video, we have to cover a few questions. First of all, what is pick up, put down? What ages does this work for?

PUPD is a newborn sleep training strategy to help your little one fall asleep with all of the help from a caregiver.

I loosely say sleep training because the PUPD method is used as sleep training, but I don’t typically recommend sleep training newborns. When we talk about the four methods of sleep training in this blog post, we have extinction, controlled crying, staying in the room, and the no cry solution.

We teach PUPD with newborns because young infants cannot self-soothe and need ALL the help to fall asleep. With this method, you will help soothe your little one, between the ages of zero and 15 weeks, to go to sleep.

At first, you will implement this at nap time or nighttime for your little one. In the video, we demonstrate with Wyatt. After a diaper change and giving him a pacifier, Wyatt is very calm. We want to make sure your newborn is calm and comfortable. We gently lay Wyatt down in his crib or bassinet.

With PUPD, you are watching to see if your little one becomes fussy. If he stays calm, leave him in the crib. But, if he or she begins to get restless or fussy, you pick them up and help them calm down.

Using methods like swaddling, rocking, shushing, and patting, give them a moment to calm down and gently lay them back down. Hopefully, at this point, they are drowsy and ready for sleep.

Is there anything you should do to their nursery room environment? During this filming, we showed a bright room, but if you can, close the blinds to make a dark, quiet environment.

Should you use a pacifier?

Every baby is different and every pacifier is different. I’d encourage you to test out different pacifiers for your child and just be patient. At first, Wyatt resists the pacifier, but then we offer it again and he’s ready to take it and latch. I don’t want you to give up on the pacifier because every pacifier is unique and you can continue to offer one.

I also want to mention that the pickup put down may take some time. This is not going to be an instant success, but a process.

If you can only handle this in the morning when the baby is a little bit more sleepy, then just commit to try PUPD once a day.

The PUPD strategy is an ideal way to teach your newborn how to sleep.

Thanks so much to my lovely assistants, Kate and Wyatt! While using this sleep training method is great, it’s actually only one piece of the entire newborn experience.

Check out our newborn course!

I want you to check out Little Z’s newborn course. This course is going to give you all of the pieces to understand how you can make sleep a thing in your family from day one.

If you are watching this, and your child is 6 weeks or maybe 10 weeks old, this program is still for you! We actually made this our lowest cost program because I believe everyone should have the education to help your newborn sleep better.

Additionally, this is our top-selling program, and we want you to grab it to give you the confidence and peace of mind from the beginning.

I hope that this PUPD demonstration was helpful for you to begin to try settling your newborn with independent sleep. Let us know in the comments—how old is your little one?

Sweet dreams. See you next time.



How to Help Your Newborn Sleep with the Pick Up Put Down Method | Little Z Sleep

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