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Feb 25, 2022

Does your child ask you to tell them a story every day? Are you looking for ways to start reading and enjoying storytelling with your child? Then, the Story Tyke app is for you. In this blog and video, I’m sharing how much we’re loving using the Story Tyke app in our home with our girls, how to use this storytelling app for a naptime routine, and how to incorporate the app with your child’s bedtime routine. Try the Story Tyke app for free, today!

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How to find time to read to your children with Story Tyke

As parents, we want to instill the love of reading and stories into our children. But sometimes, at the end of the day, Chad and I are so tired. Do I really have to read a book? How am I supposed to find time to read to them? I just want to come out and tell it to you straight—I struggle with the same thing.

I’m finding some ways to build in reading and storytelling time with my kids that enrich our routines. In this post, I’m going to teach you how we’re doing this— in literally under four minutes a day!

How to create a naptime and bedtime routine

When you build in a nap time and bedtime routine, it makes everything so much easier! As someone who has spent the last seven years working with really exhausted parents, I think I’m qualified to say it’s hard to build new routines. I know that because I’ve personally helped families do that, and it’s tough to make some changes to your family habits.

I want to tell you about an app called Story Tyke. I actually started using it with my girls during our morning routine, and guess what? It helps our mornings even go quicker. So before I get into telling you about this great tool, I want to tell you that this video is sponsored by Story Tyke.

In the links here for Apple and Android devices, you’re going to find how you can get started on their free app and all the benefits. We’re going to walk through it in the video above and encourage you to get started with your daily routines.

You can simply open up the Story Tyke app, tap their profile. Next, open up the story of the day and read it out loud to them while they don’t watch the screen. Or you can listen to it audiobook style while you have the app open or closed.

My girls prefer to listen to it open so they can see the title image, or you can select the icon that shows more photos and scroll through the story while your child sits with you so they can see the photos. There’s no wrong way to use the Story Tyke app. And I hope that this is something that you and your family can enjoy too.

I want to share with you how we use Story Tyke in our morning routine. All I have to do is get their breakfast ready while they listen to the story of the day. And as soon as it’s over, it’s time to eat, get dressed, and go to school.

This has made our mornings so much smoother, but there are many other ways that we can introduce the Story Tyke app inside of your routine. It is so wonderful for our toddlers, too.

When you are approaching naptime, sometimes you are chasing them around the room because they are fighting the nap! This is a great time to simply hit play on your Story Tyke app so that they can listen to a story as you change their diaper, get on their PJ’s, and zip up the sleep sack.

What I love about the Story Tyke stories is that they are short and sweet. They are typically under four minutes which is the perfect amount of time for a naptime routine. If you are struggling with the chaos of naptime, I highly suggest you give this app a try!

Using the Story Tyke app during the bedtime routine

The evening bedtime routine is another great place to use the Story Tyke. Following a shower or bath, we brush our teeth, put on jammies, and start the Story Tyke app. During this time, we sometimes tidy up the room and hop on the bed. After we read the story, we give goodnight kisses and say goodnight! How easy is that!

If your child seems to resist bedtime, then the Story Tyke app is a great way to entice them to get through the shower and PJ time! Your kids will be motivated and excited to get through the routine to listen to the story.

One thing I wanted to add is that during a bedtime routine, we want to avoid blue light from screens because it can block melatonin production in your body, which is a natural sleep aid. When we use the Story Tyke app at night, we set it somewhere where our child isn’t staring at the screen.

So, that’s it! We love using this fun app to foster a love of reading and stories in our children. I want to give a big shout-out and thank you to our partners over at the Story Tyke app. If you download this free app, let us know in the comments below about what story you are enjoying.

Download Story Tyke today!

I know and hope that you and your family enjoy a few minutes of additional storytelling throughout your routines. Give it a go!

Sweet dreams.

See you next time.



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