How to Practice Positive Parenting with Helping Families Thrive


Jul 5, 2022

We’re back with some of my all-time favorite guests— Helping Families Thrive!

This time, Dr. Jenna Elgin joins me to discuss the trend of “gentle parenting” or “positive parenting”. All of which sounds nice on the outside, but unfortunately is so misunderstood thanks to social media.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What is positive parenting and what does the research say about it?
  • What is the difference between gentle and positive parenting?
  • How to balance warmth and boundaries with your children for a positive mix of parenting
  • How to meet your child’s need without giving into every want
  • How our children respond to pro-longed stress
  • Individuality between different children
  • Are ‘time-out’s’ harmful for my child?
  • And more from Helping Families Thrive!

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How to discipline your child with positive parenting | Little Z Sleep

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