Episode #108: How Deployed Families Do Bedtime Routine

All Ages

May 25, 2020

Over the years I’ve had the honor of working with many military families. As a part of our continuing series of “How others do bedtime routine” we’re sharing how two families with deployed husbands do bedtime routine for their multiple kids. In this podcast two Little Z’s graduate families share their story of how they complete bedtime routines for their families, and what a good night of sleep means to them.


Alex Arnold is a mom of 3 kids whose husband is in the military and is currently deployed. Her kids are 3.5 years old, 2 years old, and 5 months old. Alex shares how she manages dinner, bedtime, and everything in between all by herself.

2:06 – Introduce your family
3:11 – Tell us about your unique situation
4:04 – What does dinner routine look like?
7:04 – What happens after dinner?
8:09 – How do you do bedtime?
13:01 – Why were sleep training programs so important for your family?
15:36 – What tips do you have for other moms?

Jessica Jeremiah is a mom of 2 kids ages 9 and 2 years old. Her husband has been in the navy for 16 years and is currently deployed. Listen as Jessica shares such great experience and wisdom as an independent mom.

18:32 – Introduce your family and unique situation
21:11 – Talk us through your schedule
27:06 – How does your older child help with bedtime routine?
28:06 – Talk about the ’10-minute clean-up’
29:40 – What tips do you have for other moms?

Share this episode with a military family you know who is getting ready for deployment. I know this will be an encouragement for them!

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