A Mom’s Perspective: Working with Little Z’s


Jul 28, 2016


I’m so happy to share an interview with you from one of my most recent clients, Laura.  

Her adorable son, Winston is 18 months old.  In two weeks we helped him go from sleeplessness to sweet dreams.  Which means she and her husband also enjoyed a rejuvenating night sleep.  

Here’s her story…

How did you hear about Becca & Little Z’s Sleep Consulting?

My mother in law who owns a child care/preschool heard about Little Z’s from a few of her families and suggested that I call!

Describe a typical night with your child before working with Becca.

Before working with Becca, there was no “typical night”! We thought we had a wonderful bedtime routine and then we would put Winston down and pray for a good night! For MONTHS I would RUN to my bed in hopes to get a few hours of sleep before the first wake up. Some nights Winston would wake up one time, other nights multiple times. Some nights he would go right back down and other nights we would be up for hours. No one thing seemed to help Winston sleep or go back to sleep. We tried every method, visited the pediatrician multiple times, and read countless articles/books! No method seemed to work for Winston!

Did you have any hesitation in committing to working together? If so, how did you finally decide to work with a consultant?

(Mom) I was willing to try anything to help Winston sleep! I knew we would both be even happier and healthier once we were sleeping! My only concern was that I would not be able to stick with the plan, I felt so much pressure to get it right because there wasn’t a back up plan!

Were you skeptical of the consultation process? If so, what helped resolve your doubts?

(Dad) I wasn’t skeptical of the consultation process, I was just hopeful that something would give for my wife, since she did all the night duties. Laura’s excitement about the process helped ease my concerns.

How would you describe your experience working with Becca and solving your son’s sleep?

My experience working with Becca was fabulous! She provided the support and tools I needed to help Winston develop great sleep skills! My questions and concerns were addressed in a timely professional manner and I felt like I could be completely honest with Becca! After a long time of not getting great sleep, I was beginning to think I was crazy and the only mother on the planet who couldn’t get her child to sleep, it was so nice to have someone on my team that understood!

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about hiring Becca as a Sleep Consultant?

I would tell anyone on the fence to just do it! Once I committed to the process and made the necessary adjustments, everything changed for us! Life is so much more enjoyable now, I’m not racing to the bed or waking up all night dreading the next wake up!

How does your son sleep now? What is the best part about your results?

Winston is an awesome sleeper now! He knows the nap/bedtime routines and is very consistent with his sleep! We have even tested his new skills out on vacation and everything was perfect! There are many “best parts” to our results!! I feel like I’m sane again! I feel confident that when I put Winston to bed he will stay down until the morning! I feel Winston is getting the sleep he needs to grow and develop! We all feel more confident, less stressed, and happier! The list could go on and on, you don’t realize how much sleep changes things until you have it consistently again!

Does Laura’s story resonate with you?

Choose your child’s program and let’s get to making sleep a thing!!


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