Toddler SLEEP COACHINg™ with crib 




Access to sleep training made easy. This Do-It-Yourself approach gives you the resources you need to teach your toddler to sleep through the night. This easy-learning offering includes the same plan and consultation given in my private coaching while putting you in complete control of the sleep training journey. These next 3-weeks are yours!

What you do:

  • Download my 3-Week Toddler Sleep Training Plan in a comprehensive, easy-reference format. This will be your best friend for the next few weeks!

  • Watch the entire 60-minute Toddler Sleep Plan Consultation! Don’t worry, teaching is my specialty..these 60-minutes will fly by! Be sure to follow along with the plan where you can take notes in the space provided!

  • Get a daily email sent each morning of the 21-day program with a heads up on what to expect, reminders, encouragement, and expectations. I’ve used this plan with hundreds of families…so I know what your days should look like and the challenges you should expect.

wondering if this is for your child?

Toddler Sleep E-Coaching™ with Crib is a 3 week program for toddlers ages 17 months up to 3 years.

During our 3 week program we want to teach your toddler to have a full night (I’m talking 11-12 hours) of sleep in their crib, fall asleep independently for nights and naps and create a full 1.5-2 hours of nap each day.  (YASSS!!!! That’s not a dream, that’s our new reality!!)

In Toddler Sleep E-Coaching™ I will be walking you through a stay in the room process to help your toddler adjust to sleeping independently all night. The biggest goal for your toddler is to build their confidence in sleep.  We want them to feel successful in their sleep training, and in turn- I want to be here to fill YOU up with confidence on what to do. 

What if my child is in an open bed now?

Within this Toddler Sleep E-Coaching™, if your toddler is under 3, we need them first to be in a crib. Developmentally, they cannot understand rules and boundaries that come with an open bed. So until that age-  it’s back to the crib! Even if your 2 year old has already been introduced to a big kid bed…we are going to bring the crib back in. I know that sounds totally backwards. But, after working with families for years- I can fully tell you this is the only way we are going to create a good night of sleep. 

Will this plan include crying?

Your toddler is probably just fine with how things are right now! So when we change things, they will more than likely protest. Change is not welcome to toddlers, and we are basically teaching your kid a new language (sleep!!!). My biggest passion is that we are FAIR to your child. You need a plan to see success, and stop the inconsistencies every night. Through Toddler Sleep E-Coaching I will be coaching you through a Stay In The Room Method to ensure your toddler builds the confidence to sleep well.


Hey! I’m Becca, and when my daughter refused to sleep at night, I bought some books, tried advice from others… not knowing if any were right for me.

But after working with a sleep consultant, I realized my daughter WAS ready to sleep... I just wasn’t ready to commit to a ‘plan’ or accept a ‘schedule.’

Now, sleep consulting is what I do all day, every day! A full night of sleep seems impossible when you’ve been dealing with exhaustion for years. I’m here to tell you that a child 17 months - 3 years old is ready and capable of sleeping 10-12 hours through the night!

After working with families across America, internationally, and being recommended by pediatricians, I found myself teaching and saying the same things every single day. So, I decided to write it all out and record it so that you don’t have to wait or wonder if sleep is possible anymore.


  • Daily Routine - Learn how to build a daily schedule while factoring in work and daycare routines. Understand age-appropriate nap times and when to drop the nap if needed (~2.5-3 yo).

  • Preparing The Environment - Make sure you set up the room right! Find out the essentials, tips, and tricks to making sure that room is set up just right. Discover these common items that will always keep your baby from sleeping well as well as the one thing you must throw away!

  • Nights - Use this bedtime routine and cuing system that establishes all-night sleep expectations. Implement my #1 recommended strategy for creating an independent sleeper, handling crying and night-wakes, and find out why I believe it is the most fair approach for both Your Child and You!

  • Mornings - Start your day off right and learn the things you must do and not do in the first 10-minutes. I’ve included a whole section on dealing with Early Morning Wakes.

  • Naps - These are the hardest! Learn what to expect with naps, how to handle short naps, nap time routine, and much more!

  • Trends and Expectations - I break down common trends that occur during the three weeks as well as some developmental milestones that may occur now that Baby is getting healthy lasting sleep!

  • 21 Days of Pre-Recorded Voice Messages sent to encourage you, strategize your progress and plan for your future of great sleep!