Baby e-coaching age 4-5 months

LET’S MAKE SLEEP A THING for your baby!



Access to sleep training made easy. This Do-It-Yourself approach gives you the resources you need to teach your baby to sleep through the night. This easy-learning offering includes the same plan and consultation given in my private coaching while putting you in complete control of the sleep training journey. These next 2-weeks are yours!

What you do:

  • Download my 2-Week Baby Sleep Training Plan in a comprehensive, easy-reference format. This will be your best friend for the next few weeks!

  • Listen to the entire 60-minute Baby Sleep Plan Consultation divided into recorded audio teaching sessions. Don’t worry, teaching is my specialty..these 60-minutes will fly by! Be sure to follow along with the plan where you can take notes in the space provided!

  • Set up your personal user account to log-in and access the training sessions as much as you need for up to 2-months after purchase.

  • Get a daily email sent each morning of the 14-day program with a heads up on what to expect, reminders, encouragement, and expectations. I’ve used this plan with hundreds of families…so I know what your days should look like and the challenges you should expect.


Hey! I’m Becca, and when my daughter refused to sleep at night, I bought some books, tried advice from others… not knowing if any were right for me.

But after working with a sleep consultant, I realized my daughter WAS ready to sleep... I just wasn’t ready to commit to a ‘plan’ or accept a ‘schedule.’

Now, sleep consulting is what I do all day, every day! Every family thinks their sleep challenges are unique or impossible. I’m here to tell you that a baby 6-16 months old is ready and capable of sleeping 11-12 hours through the night!

After working with families across America, internationally, and being recommended by pediatricians, I found myself teaching and saying the same things every single day. So, I decided to write it all out and record it in front of a live class so that you don’t have to wait or wonder if sleep is possible anymore.

You can now have instant access to my Baby 2-Week Sleep Training Plan and Program in this new E-Coaching platform. This is access to sleep training made easy, and it works!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know E-Coaching is right for me?

-You like to follow a clear set of rules and guidelines
-You’re confident to take a plan and implement 100% 
-You’ve got a great support network in your home to help encourage sleep success
-You’re ready for a good night of sleep!

What ages is this for?

This program is designed for babies 4-5 months who need to be sleeping 11-12 hours a night with 1 night feed and have 3.5-4 hours of sleep each day.

Is Becca available for specific questions? 

The E-Coaching program has been designed to answer all of the questions I have faced after working with hundreds of families. If you’re looking for more in-touch support with Becca, you can upgrade at any time to Baby Basic or Baby Unlimited. The price of E-Coaching will be applied to any upgraded package.

Will this plan include crying?

No parent enjoys listening to a baby cry, and I can never guarantee that crying won’t happen. Change is not welcome to babies, and they will vocalize the change with the only thing they know...crying! We will work through sleep training methods where crying will occur, but with a specific plan on how to respond while you are near them. My biggest passion is that we are FAIR to your child. You need a plan to see success, and stop the inconsistencies every night. LISTEN TO PODCAST EPISODE 4: HOW LONG DO I LET MY BABY CRY? In short, the first few nights are the hardest. By Night 3 you need to be seeing the light, and not endless crying. If that’s happening…you’re not training correctly.


  • Daily Routine - Learn how to build a daily schedule while factoring in work and daycare routines. Understand age-appropriate awake times and when to cut off a nap.

  • Preparing The Environment - Make sure you set up the room right! Find out the essentials, tips, and tricks to making sure that room is set up just right. Discover these common items that will always keep your baby from sleeping well as well as the one thing you must throw away!

  • Nights - Use this bedtime routine and cuing system that establishes all-night sleep expectations. Implement my #1 recommended strategy for creating an independent sleeper, handling crying and night-wakes, and find out why I believe it is the most fair approach for both Baby and You!

  • Night Feed- At 4-5 months your baby can have one-night feed, and that’s okay! We want them to understand that food is for nourishment, not sleep. So with this plan you’ll learn how to feed baby knowing they will eat fully.

  • Mornings - Start your day off right and learn the things you must do and not do in the first 10-minutes. I’ve included a whole section on dealing with Early Morning Wakes.

  • Naps - These are the hardest! Learn what to expect with naps, how to handle short naps, nap time routine, and much more!

  • Trends and Expectations - I break down common trends that occur during the two weeks as well as some developmental milestones that may occur now that Baby is getting healthy lasting sleep!




The 4-Month E-Coaching experience was essential for training US on how to train our baby. We soaked up snuggles during our son’s newborn days. Those days turned into weeks, into months of holding him for every nap and all night. Every nap was met with tears from us both because we were both overly tired. Our nights were spent deliriously nursing every 60-90 minutes. I didn’t know where to begin with him! The step-by-step directions gave me clear procedures to follow. We saw quick results! I expected night sleep and naps to improve; but what I didn’t expect was car rides to be more enjoyable (no more screaming baby), he enjoys my husband more (funny, I know but he wouldn’t settle for anyone but mama), he is gaining tons of weight due to more efficient feedings, and his personality is blooming. We have said many times, “BEST $29 we have ever spent!” I immediately recommend Little Z’s to anyone that even slightly mentions babies and sleep.
— Amanda
Becca’s e-coaching worked SO well for our stubborn 4 month old with GERD. At night, she slept in a rock n play, and for naps she needed to be bounced and held. There was no putting that baby down. When she started fighting being bounced too, we knew we needed to do something. It only took one really rough night for our baby to “get it”. Night 2 she slept 9hrs straight, woke for a feed and slept 2 more hours!!!! Having her nap in her crib and not in my arms has been life changing! Her e-coaching was so easy to follow, that I was able to do the whole 2 week course by myself while my husband was away for military training. can do this! And if you’re a super worried first time mom with a baby who has GERD...they can do it too! Our girl is a happier baby getting the sleep she needs thanks to Becca. If you’re on the fence, just dooooo ittttttt!!!
— Caitlin